Friday, December 2, 2011

About me...

Two of my favorite bloggers, Hanna and Lindsay have done this recently so I thought I'd be a copy cat! ;) (the pictures in this post really have nothing to do with the post itself! :)) I said I'd share pictures of our annual family bonfire, and I never did, so I'm including a few in this post :))

I'm weird (or quirky-I'm adding this in case you do anything of the things below as well, I don't want you to think I'm calling you weird! ;))because..

~I eat saltines with mayo (healthy, huh? ;))
~I check my door at night several times to make sure it's locked (OCD much? ;))
~I can't let go of the children's things, even as they outgrow it (clothes, toys, etc.) I'm not a hoarder by any stretch, but if I pick up something and a memory comes to mind, I have the HARDEST time parting with it!
~When I was younger I used to sleep with my bangs seperated from the rest of my hair with a pony tail holder so that they would be easier to fix each morning (my family lovingly referred to it as my unicorn :))
~In high school I wrote down what I wore each day so that I didn't wear the same outfit too close together (CLEARLY I had issues! ;))
~I pretty much only watch reality TV. Even at 30, I still watch The Real World on MTV :)
~I have an aversion to stickers on clothing...those "inspected by" stickers or size stickers on clothes give me the heebie jeebies (sp?) No clue why! :)
~I HATE meatloaf! Just saying that word or even thinking about it makes me gag! It stems from my child when parents would make me eat it. UGHHHHHHHHH!
~I hate feet, even my own (oh, but I do love my childrens! :))

Mia all decked out for the bonfire (excuse the un-decorated Christmas tree in the background. It's decorated now! :)) And the camera = not sure how to use it :)

I am a bad friend because...
~Because I strongly dislike talking on the phone! I actually avoid it all costs!
~I won't feel comfortable enough to share EVERYTHING with you! There is one secret I have that NONE of my friends know about, and never will. It's not a matter of trusting or not trusting, it's a matter of judgement

Candid shot! ;) This picture cracks me up because like Mother, like son! :) Both of us have super sensitive eyes and the flash on our camera is a tad bright, and we weren't used to it yet! :))

I am a good friend because...
~I am an awesome secret keeper!
~When I say "I'll pray for you!" I mean it and actually do it! All of my dear blogging friends who I say I pray for everyday, I do! :) Even to the point where when we say our nightly prayers as a family, if I say names out of order, Manuel will ask, "What about..." :)
~I care-genuinely, truly, with my heart!

Hubby and I :)

I am sad because...
~A (former) dear friend of mine is struggling with a serious prescription drug addiction and won't admit it. Until she gets out of denial, there is nothing we can do for her anymore, sadly. I hope she gets help before it's too late.
~I miss my dad (especially this time of year). But I'm relieved because I know where he is, there is not the constant worry of his whereabouts...he is free, happy, drug/alcohol free and with Jesus, but that doesn't mean I miss him any less.
~we haven't been to church in two weeks! And we have nothing to blame it on other then pure laziness, and "needing" sleep on Sundays because we've been working so much. LAME EXCUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! :( We've NEVER gone two weeks without church. I can tell my soul needs that encouragement! Can't wait to go Sunday!
~my whole family won't be together for Christmas, like we were (well most of us) for Thanksgiving.
~Manuel has a "Jack Frost Jubilee" at his school tomorrow (basically a holiday festival-games, crafts, Santas workshop for the kiddos) and the Kindergarteners will be singing some Christmas songs (which means him)...I won't be able to go! :( We have our annual cookie bake (with all the ladies in my family) and it's NOT something I can miss. (its our 8th year) Manuel completely understands and Manny will be there, but still, my mama heart feels guilt about it. Manny will be videotaping it!
~my heart hurts thinking about all those families who will be going without this Christmas season. I just can't imagine! I'm not even talking about presents, although that has to be tough (especially for the sweet children), but just a home, food, etc.

My cousins (in the middle), my sister (Far right) and I, along with our children...Mia, Angelina (middle) and Vivienne (on my sisters lap). My cousin Megan (in the white) is only 22 and is enjoying life, for now, without children! :)

I am happy because...
~I have a job, that a short 7 months I was going to lose!
~my children are thriving!
~Manuel has had two really good weeks at school!
~God is ALWAYS there for me!
~I have an amazing family (extended and immediate)

Cousins in their jammies (Spencer being reserved and quiet, Mia being loud and crazy (to go with her crazy, post-pig tail hair! ;))

I am excited for...
~our annual cookie bake tomorrow. This year we are making gingerbread houses! :)
~my nieces 1st birthday party on the 17th
~lunch with my girlfriends on the 18th
~Christmas (of course)
~Manuel and Mia's birthdays in January
~Hubby's vacation time to start over again (in January) so that he can actually take time off when need be! :)

The 1st cousins (Tanya, Amy (my sis), me, Megs, and Erik (only missing Rio and Vinnie (yes, I have a cousin named Vinnie, like the movie! ;))

 The Gomez Family in our bonfire comfies :)
All the ATW's (Amazing Tumminello (my moms maiden name) Women!) My Aunt made our shirts, and each one has an adorable stick figure "representation" of each of us.


Jackie said...

I loved this post, and loved all the pictures sprinkled throughout! :)

Hope you had fun at your cookie bake!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I loved getting to know you a little better my secret-keeping friend! And mayo on crackers is totally weird, but lovable.

That picture of you and Manuel with your eyes closed is so adorable! You are definitely related!

I also have a hard time parting with children's things. Almost like I'm letting go of the memory.

And I also am serious when I say I'll pray for someone. But sometimes I forget the names, though I'm sure God knows who I mean. :)