Tuesday, August 27, 2013

37 weeks

*After my post yesterday, I just wanted to say that Manuel had a GREAT first day of school yesterday. I'm so excited that things went smoothly for him. My sweet boy sure is growing up! :)

I'm not going to lie...it feels like YEARS ago that we found out we were pregnant! This is, by far, the my "lengthiest" pregnancy (and of course I mean how it feels not actually time-wise since both of my prior pregnancies were also full term). I'm not sure why it seemed so long this time around...could it be that I knew SO early on (I wasn't even 3 weeks "post conception" when I took the test), or could it be that we didn't find out the gender...who knows, but either way it's definitely dragged. With that being said, please don't think I am ungrateful or have taken this pregnancy for granted, because I haven't. I actually LOVE being pregnant and am really going to miss it! :(    

Now, here we are, full term! :)

How far along? 37 weeks (exactly two weeks from today, at this very moment, God willing, I will be holding my sweet baby in my arms! :) I have to be at the hospital at 7am for my 9am scheduled c-section. 

Weight gain/loss: 20 lbs total (which I'm ecstatic about!!! :) I HOPE to have this weight off in no time, after Baby #3 gets here! :)

Symptoms: crampy, having to pee every second of my life, and general "fullness" at all times, BUT no waddling from this gal! :) All 3 of my pregnancies and I've never become a "waddler" ;)

Gender: Surprise baby!!! However, I will say again that I'm 99.9% sure this is a girl...call it instinct, call it relying heavily on the Chinese gender chart predictor ;), call it what you will, but I will be SHOCKED if the doctor pulls out a boy! :)

Maternity clothes? yes! And lots of my cute summer (non maternity) dresses that can still be worn and look adorable! :)

Sleep: still up every couple of hours...my body will definitely be semi prepared with the lack of sleep when the baby arrives because I haven't slept in MONTHS! :)

Food cravings/aversions: nothing strange or in excess. I did decide this morning that since, for the first few days after a c-section, you can only "drink" your food (until they can hear movement via stethoscope in your bowels-sorry, TMI) I want my "last meal" to be something awesome...right now I'm debating between sushi or Chili's! :)

Movement? absolutely!

What I miss? sleep and REALLY getting to snuggle Manuel and Mia. They can't really fit on my lap as comfy and cozy as they can without a big ol' bump! ;)

Best moment(s) this week: last Tuesday my co-workers threw me a shower which was SO nice! We received a ton of awesome gifts and lots of gift cards! :) Then Wednesday we got to see our adorable baby up close and personal at their growth ultrasound. He/she was measuring approx 6 lbs 6oz and looks great!

What I'm looking forward to: meeting him/her. We're getting SO close!

Next appointment: 8/28/13

And for good measure, my 37 week baby bump:
 Blurry bump pic

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Jackie said...

Aw, look at that sweet face!! I bet your so anxious to see it in person! :)