Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January 10, 2013

*This is a long post. I started this post on January 10th (hence the title of this post :)), as I wanted to REALLY document this pregnancy, from start to finish. And even if it was God's plan for this baby to be called Home (at any point), I wanted he/she to be shown love from the VERY beginning!) .....

My sweet "poppy seed" (according to Baby Center, that is how big you are :) today I saw the two pink lines. Today we found out that, God willing, we will be parents again in September. Although we were trying, for some reason my initial reaction is always shock! :) This third time was no different. Daddy was surprised, but got a HUGE smile on his face when he read the card that said, "Believe it or not, you're going to be a Daddy again!" :) It is still SO SO SO early, and I know that it's too early to announce your arrival to anyone (other than Daddy), but I wanted to document this from the very beginning, because goodness knows you were wanted, hoped for, and loved already! :) We can't wait to tell your big brother and sister that you're going to be coming! :) It'll be a couple of weeks until that happens, but I surely can't wait!

We love you baby Poppy Seed! :)

January 11, 2013...Mommy and Daddy WEREN'T supposed to tell anyone since it's sooo early! We were going to wait until my first appointment on February 6th, but we were both just too excited! :) Daddy told some friends at work and Mommy told Mrs. Katie and Mrs. Tori (who I work with) and Linnie (the lady that will be watching you once your born). Everyone is very excited for us! :)

January 12, 2013...I'm pretty sure you don't have ears yet (after all, you are only the size of a poppy seed! ;)) but if you did, Mommy would be apologizing like crazy for all the yelling and screaming I did today....our beloved Baltimore Ravens had their second playoff game against the Denver Broncos and to say that the game was intense would be a TOTAL understatement. It was easily one of the best football games I've ever seen! Mommy was jumping around, screaming and basically acting like a total madwoman! :) What can I say, I love football!?!? :) AND since you'll be entering our family right when football season starts, it's something you'll have to get used to! :) Your big sisters first "phrase" was "go, go, go" while watching a football game with Mommy! :)

January 17, started...the nausea! The only "real" symptoms I've felt lately was EXTREME fatigue (I could literally sleep for days at a time, but obviously that's not happening with an almost 7 and almost 3 year old running around, a full time job, dance class, Wednesday night church activities, etc! :)) and sore breasts. But today, I was working from home, and nothing seemed appetizing to me AT ALL (and lets just say, I love food! ;)) and then random smells would make my stomach turn! I don't remember ANY morning sickness with Manuel and I remember a bit of it with Mia, so we shall see how Baby #3 decides it should be! ;)

January 18, 2013...woah, woah, there 2 of you in there?!?!?! (Joking, sort of! ;)) but the nausea has hit full force. I even woke up in the middle of the night to pee and felt nauseous, UGH! I'm not complaining, trust me, I'm not, it's just that I don't remember ANY nausea with Manuel (which I know is rare) and I vaguely remember it with Mia, but I don't think it was this early. I'm only 5 weeks 4 days. Right now I'm surviving off of prenatal vitamins (and whatever I force down to take with the vitamin) and Ginger Ale :)

January 20, was your big sisters 3rd birthday party. We told her and your big brother that if they were good all day, when we got home they would get a present. We hadn't intended on telling them about you yet, but Mommy has been SO sick and SO tired, that I wanted them to know why and not just think Mommy is a moody, miserable mess! ;) At 3 and 7 (almost) they have a very good grasp of Heaven, Jesus, etc. so, goodness forbid, it is not God's plan to have you join our family, we will be able to tell them that Jesus called you Home. OF COURSE we  pray that won't be the case, and we want you to join our family SO much in 8 months, but we know that Gods will is Gods will. Keep growing baby, keep growing! :)

January 22, Daddy got an urge to tell close family! I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but I rolled with it! :) Daddy told your Mom-mom (his mom) and Buscia (his grandmother). They were both very excited! Your brother called Nonna (my mom) to tell her and Poppy. Then Mia called Zia (my sister and your aunt) but she didn't answer.

January 23, 2013...Zia called back and Mia was able to tell her that she's going to be a big sister. Zia (and your cousins) are very excited to welcome another baby into the family! :)

January 26, was "Couples Night" with mommy, daddy and all of their friends. I hadn't plan to tell them this early either (do you see a pattern here?!?!?!? ;)) but as soon as they saw that I wasn't partaking in a glass of wine, they all knew! :) Everyone is VERY excited for us! They know how bad Mommy and Daddy wanted another baby, so they are all happy!

February 4, 2013...Mommy is 8 weeks pregnant today! I know, in the grand scheme of pregnancy, I'm ONLY 8 weeks ;) but what Mommy is surprised at is that it's already been 4 weeks since we found out about you!!!!! :)

February 5, 2013...tomorrow is our first prenatal appointment. I can't even remember what happens at that first appointment, but I know that I need to ask Dr. K one thing...."Remind me again, how often can I eat seafood?" Mommy could eat tilapia, salmon, tuna and shrimp 365 days a year, but I know that's not allowed during pregnancy so I need a refresher course! :) I THINK on Thursday Mommy will be able to go see Mrs. Kelli (one of Mommy's best friends from high school who is an u/s tech at Dr. K's office) and get to see you for the first time. Since this is Mommy's first pregnancy with Dr. K (the doctor who delivered your brother and sister retired!!!!!! :( I'm not sure how Dr. K does things, but I'm sure everything will be fine. She seems like a great lady (who also just had a baby! :)) I had a very bad dream last night that I lost you!!!!!! :( I was DEVASTATED in my dream and even when I woke up. I just keep telling myself, "This is all in God's hands" so I just need to keep reminding myself of that! I love you "kidney bean" :)

February 6, was my first prenatal appointment with Dr. K. Nothing really exciting to report...everything feels as it should (whatever that means! ;)) I had my official "weigh in" :) Mommy gained 42 lbs with your brother and 24 lbs with your sister, so my goal is to keep it to 25 or less! I know the scale doesn't matter, but it was pretty easy to get back to my pregnancy weight after your sister, that's for sure! Unfortunately Mommy didn't go for my "viability scan" today because Mrs. Kelli was VERY sick! So, Mommy is going to be very patient (boo!! ;)) and I'll be going for my scan next Wednesday. I can't wait to see you for the very first time. I hope you are safe, happy and healthy in there and most importantly growing strong! Assuming all is well next Wednesday I plan on making you "Facebook official" (hahahahaa :)) shortly thereafter, incorporating a super cute picture of your u/s, your sister, your brother, and hearts (after all, Thursday is Valentines Day! :))

February 13, 2013....Mommy (and your big sister Mia) caught our first glimpses of you today, via ultrasound. The awesome thing about being besties with the u/s tech is that you get a ton of pics of your tiny "grape" and even get to see 3D pics of a 9week4day sweet baby! :) He/she is growing and thriving, everything looks good and is measuring right on target. Mia even got her very own pic! :) And for those of you wondering, no, Manny wasn't there and that is 100% okay. He was just off work for the last wee and a half with the flu AND pneumonia (yes, it was awful!!!!!!!!) so he couldn't take more time off of work. He wanted to be there, but I had Mia with me, which was equally as awesome!!!!!! :)

And for good measure, Baby Gomez #3 official blog debut...(sorry for the pic of a pic, but you get the idea of the level of adorableness below! ;))


christina said...

wooot congrats!

Jackie said...

AHHH, what wonderful news! I love the way you have documented everything so far. Baby #3 is one lucky little thing to be coming in to such a wonderful family!

Sending happy, healthy thoughts your way!

Jackie said...

...and how sweet is that ultrasound picture? It's crazy how baby-like he/she already is :) Just amazing.