Friday, June 28, 2013

Homeowners! :)

Hi friends!

It's official, yesterday we settled on our house! :) We are homeowners, for the very first time!!! :) The Gomez family couldn't be more excited as this new chapter begins!

And for good measure (the best pic we could get of the fam before we walked through the door, as owners, for the very first time! :)

Oh, and for the 3 readers I have ;) (who mean a ton to me, so I'm 100% okay with it! :)please follow me via Bloglovin' since Google reader is gone as of Monday! :)

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Kelly said...

Congrats! Yeah, so much fun to come!!

Katie said...

Congratulations! :)

Jackie said...

Congratulations!! I'm SO happy for you guys! The house looks awesome...I hope we get to see more pics :)

letty said...

congrats!! the house look really nice! please do show pics soon :)

letty said...

*looks (sorry lol)