Monday, June 10, 2013

26 weeks

Happy Monday friends! I just realized that I never posted our vacay pics :( Hopefull soon! :) But on to my weekly update.

How far along: 26 weeks

Symptoms: continued itchy skin, lack of sleep and a broken out face, but ALL WORTH IT! :) Oh, and I had one of my first random pregnancy hormones outbursts yesterday...Manny and Manuel were at the pool. Mia and I were laying down upstairs, she was sleeping. I looked at her and just started crying thinking about how much I DON'T want our relationship to change once the baby comes. Mia and I are SO SO SO close (and Manny and Manuel are SO SO SO close) and I don't want anything to change that! I know this baby is such a welcomed blessing and Mia is going to be an awesome big sister (and Manuel will be an awesome big brother), however, I still want Mia to be my baby girl, no matter what, if Baby #3 is another little girl. I know that might sound crazy (that's why their called crazy prego hormones! ;) and my heart will just get bigger, but thinking this, and looking at her sleeping I just started to cry! :)

Weight gain/loss: I'll find out "officially" on Wednesday at my monthly appt but I'm pretty sure I'm up a total of 13 lbs total, up 3 lbs from my appt last month.

Gender: Surprise baby!!! :) We found out with both Manuel and Mia, and since this will be our last child (I can't imagine a 4th c-section) we figured this one should be a surprise!

Maternity clothes? yes!

Sleep: I was up FOUR times last night to pee. I haven't had a full nights sleep since before I found out I was prego, so I'm just saying sleep isn't going to happen for several more years! ;)

Food cravings/aversions: sushi, fruit and french fries (not together! ;))

Movement? A LOT! His/her movements are getting much more noticeable from the outside now

What I miss? laying on my stomach

Best moment(s) this week: lots of family time this past weekend (and lots of packing, not fun! ;(

What I'm looking forward to: hitting my 3rd trimester

Next appointment: Wednesday, June 12th

And for good measure my 26 week bump
Nothing says classy like a toilet in the picture! ;)

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Kelly said...

Looking good mama! :)