Wednesday, July 3, 2013

29+ weeks (and some house pics)

So Monday came and went and I never posted a 29 week update. Please forgive me as life has been INSANE since we settled on our house last Thursday and have been go, go, go ever since! :) The movers came on Saturday and although everything is moved in, we still have a lifetime bit of work to do! :) (I'm exaggerating...the house is 100% completely livable there are just some tweaks (painting, border down in some rooms, etc.) that I would like done, but all things considered, we are 1000000% blessed! :) Call me lazy and crazy, but moving when you're 7.5 months pregnant in 95+ degree weather was a bit much! :) but again, we're "settled" in and SO happy! I love, love, love how the kids act like each day is a new adventure in the house. I know the "newness" of it will wear off, but in the meantime, it's SO cute to watch! :)

Normally, when 4th of July falls during the week my sister will have her annual cookout either the weekend before or the weekend after, however this year she is choosing to have it on the 4th and I'm actually pretty excited...although I'll be tired for work on Friday at least than I know this upcoming weekend we can really knock out some projects around the house! I'll be sharing pics on the blog of our new home, as we get different rooms "finished" (I have finished in quotes because I mean as we get each room livable...however there could still be more to do in that room (ie take down hideous border in the main floor powder room! ;) but for now, we live with it! :)

First though, my 29 week update...

How far along: 29+ weeks

Symptoms: heartburn, leg cramps and waking up every morning with 3 of my 5 fingers asleep because of the way I lay my hand under my pillow! :) Random, I know but that's been happening the last several morning. Oh, and I have had some SLIGHT swelling in my feet at the end of the day (which is new to me because I had NO swelling AT ALL with Manuel or Mia's pregnancy). Trust me, I'm not complaining though because when I slight, I mean SLIGHT, especially compared to some women I've seen who basically can't differentiate between their leg/ankle/foot area! :)
Weight gain/loss: Per usual, it's just a "guess" (based off of my home scale) in between doctors appointments, but I do believe that I'm a total of about 15 lbs (I'll know for sure next Wednesday at my monthly appt) I was looking through my old medical records (the doctor that delivered Manuel and Mia stopped practicing last year so he gave me all of my files) and I was able to see that at this point in my pregnancy with Manuel I had gained THIRTY ONE lbs (WOWWWWWWWW!) and with Mia I had gained 17 lbs, so I'm happy that pregnancy #3 seems to be following the same path of weight gain that I did with Mia, although I feel absolutely HUGE right now! I'm not sure how much wider (from back to front) my belly can possibly get! :)
Gender: Surprise baby!!! :) We found out with both Manuel and Mia, and since this will be our last child (I can't imagine a 4th c-section) we figured this one should be a surprise!

Maternity clothes? yes! And lots of my cute summer (non maternity) dresses that can still be worn and look adorable! :)

Sleep: I have come to terms with the fact that I won't be sleeping again for a VERY long time, seriously! ;) Honestly, I haven't slept a full night since I found out I was prego (not one.single.night) in fact, I've pretty much gotten up 2-3 times a night every.single.night so it is what it is! :)

Food cravings/aversions: still love me some sushi, and think about it ALL the time but only indulge once in a blue moon!
Movement? a ton!

What I miss? nothing really

Best moment(s) this week: other than becoming homeowners :)....honestly, it has nothing to do with me or my pregnancy it has to do with a high school friend, who has been trying for YEARS to get pregnant and she announced on Facebook that she and her husband are expecting twins!!! I am SO happy for them! :)
What I'm looking forward to: getting the baby/Mia's room set up, and having my next appt on 7/10/13

Next appointment: my next OB appt is 7/10/13

And for good measure my 29 week bump (Here is what I was talking about in my "weight gain/loss" section above...I feel HUGE and I still have 9.5 weeks to go when the baby gains the most weight! Eeeekkkk!

And for good measure, some of the house pics :)
 The kitchen (we like the color, not a fan of the border, so that will be coming down eventually)

The kids bathroom (they picked out the decor! :) We'll be painting it blue, sooner rather than later)
 The powder room on the main floor (again, this will be painted too, and border (which you can't see) will be taken down)
 Family room/basement (this area is basically completed, other than hanging pics, etc.)
 Master bedroom (this room is also completed, we just need to hang pics. Although the green that I picked out, that hubby painted, photographs a tad "obnoxious", I promise it's not and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :)
 Another view of the master bedroom

We still have to finish the basement in the bathroom and our master bathroom is complete (decoration-wise) BUT I couldn't get a good pic of it :( When I do, I'll post it. I can't wait until the kids rooms are complete so I can share them as well. The journey has just begun and we couldn't be more excited!!!!! :)


Jackie said...

What a great house! I LOVE the green!! It looks like you'll be all settled just in time for Baby G!

letty said...

you look adorable preggers :) congrats on your house it's lovely!!