Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

I wouldn't be a true blogger if I didn't post our annual Pumpkin Patch pics! ;)

But first a quick update...life is truly going wonderfully! If you all recall the early-middle part of this year was difficult for our family as we were going through some struggles with Manuel. He was having a REALLY hard time in Kindergarten! (not academically, but emotionally/mentally). There were talks of him having ADHD, meetings at school, so much praying, fears, anxiety, concerns over what his future would be like, etc. I was a wreck! At one point I literally got down on my hands and knees and begged for God to help him/us. It just came out of left field and I was beside myself with worry for my sweet boy. We sought counseling and things seemed to really work themselves out. I'm SO pleased to say that he has done a complete turnaround (and have NO doubt this was a God-thing! :)) and he is doing AWESOME! Because the school system was in the loop last year with everything going on, to stick with protocol and procedure, we had a follow up meeting with the school a few weeks ago....it was me (Manny is on mandatory overtime at work to get a government job completed), the asst principal, the guidance counselor, the school psychiatrist and Manuel's 1st grade teacher. It couldn't have gone better! :) His teacher said she has absolutely NO concerns...he participates, he stays on tasks, he works well with others, he's social, and she overall couldn't be more pleased with how he is doing! :) He even brought home a 92% on one of his first tests!!!! :) What a relief! I pray he continues doing well and that time of trial and tribulation for my sweet boy was just a stage! He has found his "niche" in cubscouts and says he wishes he could go everyday! :) Manny goes with him to EVERY meeting/event (I know some people have a bad perception of the scouts because of a few awful predators! :( but we have no worries, again, because Manny is always there! I love seeing Manuel thrive and him get excited over learning the "motto", handshakes, etc.

Shewwww, that was lengthy, sorry! :) Just a much needed update! :)

Manny, Mia and I are doing great too! :) Working, going to church and preparing to go to Disney on Ice this Saturday (Manuel is coming too, of course! :)) We are all very excited!!!

I hope life is treating you all well!

And for good measure...

 Cousins :)

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Jackie said...

So glad to hear things are going good with Manuel!! :)

The pumpkin patch pics are great...looks like a fun place! I'm hoping we can do a family patch trip this wknd!