Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hurricane Sandy came through Maryland late Monday night and things were a bit "hairy" for several hours, throw in Mia getting the stomach virus and me still having to work full days because it was month end in the mortgage business and unfortunately when a borrower is located in Georgia (for example) they don't want to hear YOU have a Hurricane coming through, they just want their money  (UGH!!) but we survived. We were SO blessed to never lose power and Mia's stomach virus was short-lived! The weather cleared up and the kids were able to go trick or treating last night. They had a blast. Mia was over it after about 10 or so houses, and Manuel and Manny continued on for a bit longer. Fun was had by all! :) I can't believe it's NOVEMBER already, but with November comes my annual "30 Days of Thankfulness" via Facebook status updates. Each day I take the time to really reflect on whats important and post only thankful, grateful items. It really makes you think and realize how much you have. I try to also post those status updates on my blog (I don't have the two connected because pretty much no one I know in real life (other than Manny) knows I blog because I feel if people I "know" were reading it, I wouldn't be quite as forthcoming! :)) but anyway ;) my plan is to post my thankfulness on here too for those that I'm not friends with on Facebook.

Day #1 of my annual 30 Days of, I am thankful to/for God! I know it's cliche and people say it all the time but I am TRULY amazed to see what He has done in my life and my families life! Growing up I always knew who God was and always believed, BUT there is a difference in knowing God and KNOWING God. Each day it humbles me to see how great His power really is. Thank you God for giving me this day and all You've done/will do for me!

Okay, so it's 5:56am, I have to get ready for work and shouldn't be blogging! ;) Soooo, for good measure...

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Jackie said...

Love their costumes!! I don't think Mia could get any cuter! Happy Halloween :)