Thursday, October 4, 2012


It looks like I'm at point in my life where I'm blogging once a just seems to have fallen to the wayside. Life has been going fabulously, there has been a lot of "blog worthy" life happening BUT I just haven't felt the need to sit down and put fingers to keyboard :) But, per my usual disclaimer, I'm still reading about all my favs, praying for you and following you along on this journey we call life! :)

The past month has involved a GREAT month at school for Manuel (he seems to be thriving and grasping new concepts daily.) In 1st grade, for the first quarter, they don't give out report cards, they have parent/teacher conferences (I'm guessing sometime in November) so I'm curious to hear straight from his teachers mouth his strength, weaknesses, and how he does when Mommy and Daddy aren't around! ;) We are SUPPOSED to be signing him up for wrestling next week. I say "supposed to" because if you've been reading this blog for any length of time you might know my sweet boy is very shy, not much for team type sports, has started (and ultimately stopped) soccer and karate. On a whim, when the paper came home from the local rec council, about Wrestling registration, I asked him if he'd be interested and he, much to my shock, said yes. We'll sign him up and take it from there! :) Fingers crossed he likes it and sticks with it. Manny and I aren't gifted in the athletic department, and we aren't super competitive, pushy parents, but I really pray that he'll like it! I want him to have his "niche" in this world. If not wrestling, I'll DEFINITELY take academics being his "thing"! ;) Manuel also had a very special day at church a few Sundays ago...all the 1st graders were presented with their very own personalized Bibles, that each of our pastors signed, followed by a luncheon and special recognition for each of the children. It was a big day for our family! I LOVE that both of my children will grow up, actively in the church! :)

 My two favorite men :) (yes, hubby is an usher, yes, he can wear a Ravens jersey! ;)) Our 8am and 11am services are traditional, however we attend the 9:30 contemporary service that is much more "relaxed" :)
 My sweet boy and I (and Mia sneaking in the pic with a cheese and all! ;)
SO proud of him! :)

Mia is getting bigger, smarter and more adorable each and every day! ;) She starts her first dance class tonight and we are both VERY excited! It's a Mommy & Me class (since she won't be 3 until January they wouldn't take her in any of the "official" ballet or tap classes :( So she and I will be taking a class together! :) She has her adorable pink leotard/tutu combo and first pair of ballet slippers. Manuel and I took Mia to her first ever movie this past Saturday (while Manny relaxed...we had a wedding that night, and he had been up with the kids since 6am that morning and let me sleep in, so it was only fair! :)) We went to see Hotel Transylvania and it was absolutely adorable!!!! (I definitely recommend going to see it). Mia was "okay". She wasn't bad, by any means, but she lost interest about halfway through (if that! :)) I should have known, because she's not big into TV AT ALL, so why did I think she'd be all about sitting still for an hour and 30 minutes!?!?! Lesson learned! ;)

 Awful cell phone pic, but you can still see the adorablness! ;) Belly and all! ;)
 Mia and I representing our boys...The Orioles and The Ravens :)
 Patiently waiting for Manuel to see his eye dr for his yearly exam (all checked out wonderfully! :))
Getting ready to head into see Hotel Transylvania (we all split that bag of popcorn! ;))

Hubby and I are doing great! We went to a friends wedding last Saturday and had a great time! :) It was good to get out and see old friends, but there really is no place like home! Call me crazy, but since I work outside of the home, I'm 100% content with spending my non-working moments with my children. I know we all need "me" time, but I don't need it as much others! :)

Hmmm, what else...on the 22nd I went to New York City with my mom, sis, Aunt and cousin. It was my first time in NYC and it was quite an experience! I have never walked so much in my life! ;) My sister wore a pedometer (because through her school system she is rewarded at the end of the year if they exercise a certain amount of time) and we ended up walking almost 12 miles that day in NYC! :) We visited all the sites, and I know this is going to sound crazy, but one of my favorites of the day was Little Italy! :) I'm Italian (my mom was actually born in Sicily) so I felt very connected to my roots there, AND there just so happened to be an Italian festival going on, so that was really neat!

 Hanging out in FAO Schwartz in NYC
 Waiting for the bus to take us home...the sky was BEAUTIFUL that day! :)
Nothing says NYC like Donald Trump water! ;)

Life continues to chug along and I genuinely couldn't be at a more content, happy place than I am right now. I have no doubt that my relationship with God getting stronger each day is a HUGE reason for my contentment. I pray that you all are doing well! :)

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Jackie said...

Your family has been in my thoughts, and I'm glad to see an update! It sounds like you have had a good and busy month. I LOVE seeing pics of the kids and "catching up" on your lives :)