Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

I can't believe we are already 2 days into 2013...wasn't Christmas just yesterday? ;) Our New Years Eve have been pretty tame and uneventful since becoming parents (which is 100% okay by me! :)) but something happened this NYE that we will certainly never forget...

I had to work on New Years Eve, so I was taking Manuel and Mia to Linnie's house (the lady that watches Mia and watched Manuel when he was little) and Mia ended up getting sick in the car. I'm not sure about where you live, but around here, the sickies are going around EVERYWHERE! I just assumed that she had caught the stomach bug (that my husband had a few days prior), so I turned the car around and headed back home. Mia laid down on the sofa, Manuel started playing with toys, and I got to work. Mia wasn't really eating, but again, thought nothing of it, because I was thinking she had the stomach flu. Manuel ended up going to an early dinner (around 2pm) with his friend and his family. Mia was laying on the sofa and said her belly hurt, so I took her upstairs. She used the bathroom and I figured while she was already undressed, I'd give her a bath, just to see if it would make her feel better. I put her in the tub, and was pouring water on her, when she fell over and started seizing! :( Of course I was in a total panic, but the power of God took over and said, "Christina, it's a febrile seizure. Manuel had them all the time when he was little. Stay calm, get her out of the bath, wrap her in a towel and call 911." I was definitely talking to myself, silently freaking out, but knowing in the back of my head that it was a febrile seizure and she must have spiked a fever (even though I didn't even know she had a fever at all!) I took her downstairs, laid her on the floor on her side (in case she started vomiting) and called 911 while she continued to seize The EMT's arrived and took us by ambulance to the local ER. (In between 911 and the ambulance coming I called Manny at work to tell him what happened and to get to the restaurant to pick up Manuel because I didn't want him coming home and freaking out because Mia and I weren't there!) She was scared, I was scared, but we knew that everything would be okay, so I just kept praying! I got to sit in the back of the ambulance with her BUT the way the stretcher was, she couldn't see me, she could only hear me, so needless to say that wasn't easing her sadness, regardless of what "Ms. Rachel" (the EMT) was telling her! :) We got to the hospital and after blood work, urine work, RSV test, flu test, and a head CT scan. I was SO worried about the CT scan. I am EXTREMELY claustrophobic and although I knew it was necessary, I was scared because I knew the would have to strap her down (My husband was the one that went with Manuel when he had his first seizure and had to have a head CT, and the images STILL traumatize Manny 5+ years later, because Manuel FLIPPED out, and wouldn't stop screaming as they strapped him down, taped his head, etc!) So I was definitely prepared for the worst (at this point, Manny had taken Manuel to my moms house and was at the hospital with me, but I knew that I HAD to be the one to take Mia for her head CT. I couldn't have Manny go through that again!) Before they wheeled us to the radiology area, I text my good friend from church, Deb and asked her to please pray specifically for the CT scan because Mia had cried about EVERYTHING about to that point (whether it hurt or not, she just didn't want anyone touching her, UNDERSTANDABLY so!) Prayers are answered my friends, because Mia laid down on the table, they wrapped her like a little burrito, and did the scan (with me in the room) without a single solitary tear! Not one! Praise God! So, after all the tests came back, my sweet girl tested positive for the flu (even though she had a flu vaccine), which caused the fever, which caused the seizure. Some children only have one febrile seizure and then some have them regularly and outgrow them (like Manuel did). I pray that Mia DOESN'T follow in her brothers footsteps (in this regard! :)) but we know how to be EXTRA vigilant when it comes to fevers and sickness, so hopefully we can stay on top of them, when she gets sick. I pray that your New Year started out MUCH more uneventful! :) Prayers that you all have a wonderful 2013! I pray to start blogging regularly, but I can't make any promises! :) I still do follow along with all of my blogging buddies out there! :)

And for good measure (My sweet baby girl on Christmas Day :))


christina said...

so so scary!!! so glad everything is OK though.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness, how terrifying! I'm glad you managed to stay calm...I'm not sure I could've done that. I'm so glad everything is ok, and I hope sweet Mia is feeling better soon!