Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Manuel

7 years ago today I became a Mommy for the very first time! I had no clue what I was doing, but God knew what He was doing when he gave me, truly, one of the sweetest, most kind hearted, super smart, amazing little boys I have ever met! It's hard to think that it's been SEVEN years! Wow! Manuel, I love you more than life itself! I know I'm not a perfect Mommy, but I pray that Daddy and I raise you to be a good, strong, independent man with a solid faith in God! You are going to do great things in this world my sweet baby boy! Happy 7th Birthday! Love, Mommy

In Manuel's "old age" ;) he is opting to not have a big party but instead Manny is taking him and 3 of his best buddies out to lunch and then to the movies. The restaurant that they are going to for lunch is a local Italian place that Manny's best friend is the head chef at so they will get the royal treatment! :) They are even sitting in a special area where there is a "kings chair" for Manuel to sit in. He is VERY excited!!!! :)

I can't believe it was 7 years ago, I really can't!

Through the years...(I don't have many baby, baby pictures of Manuel (in digital form, I have millions in hard copy!) because he was pre-Facebook, pre-blog era! ;)

There are absolutely no words to describe the level of love I have for my sweet first born! :)

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Jackie said...

What a sweet post. Happy Birthday to Manuel!

(I have to add that your kiddos have THE BEST hair! Love all those curls! :))