Friday, May 18, 2012

28 months

Mia Grace is 28 months old today. I know that seems like an "odd" age to post milestones, but it has been FOREVER since I've done an update so I figured 28 was a nice, even number :)

Let's see, what is she up to these days...

~she is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! She is definitely her fathers daughter in that regard. She will do anything and say anything to get a laugh from people! :)

~talking up a storm! I mean shes been saying a ton of words for months and months now, but it seems like overnight she is talking in full, many word sentences, that are easy to understand. It's really cute! The other night we were walking up to bed and I said, "Mia Grace, why are you bringing that pillow with you?" (a pillow from our sofa). She looked at me and said, "Because Mommy, I want to bring it with me." Wellllll excuse me! ;)

~still in diapers. She will sit on the potty all day, everyday, but has only actually "gone" potty maybe a total of 10 times. We don't push it. She'll do it when she's ready! :)

~wears 2T clothes for the most...some bigger, some smaller, but generally a 2T.

~weighs about 31 lbs

~says her ABC's and although it's not perfect, it really is too cute for words

~not big on TV, at all, but there is ONE show she'll watch, and that's Dora. She LOVES Dora!

~still primarily drinks only water. She refuses to drink juice (which is totally fine by us!) And of course she drinks milk in the morning and at night

~loves pretend play...babies, kitchen, "working", etc. She LOVES to pretend

~loves strawberries, fruit snacks, veggie straws, turkey dogs, cucumbers, fish, and well, pretty much anything and everything! ;) She is a great eater!

~has all of her teeth except for her two year molars. I'm guessing they are coming in because she seems like she's teething, but who knows??? It took FOREVER for her to get her first tooth (she was 11 months old), so I'm guessing her 2 year molars will come when she's 10! ;)

~as far as sleep goes, well Mia sleeps on Mia's schedule :) Good sleeping habits have never been a strong suit of either of my children, and I've just grown accustomed to it. They grow up SO quickly and this too shall pass! :)

~she has her moments, but all in all I can't complain about "Terrible 2's" (yes, I know, for some children, it doesn't happen until the 3's! Manuel never went through any of it, so this is all new to me! :)) She has a temper, and throws fits, but all in all, she's pretty good. We actually were hanging out in our bed a few weeks ago, just snuggling, relaxing, and of course my husband has to get silly and start acting up (yes, he's like a 3rd child! :)) and rough housing ensued and Mia hit me (on purpose, yet on accident, if that makes ANY sense!) and after she did it, she sort of went into shock and hid her head in a pillow and started crying and crying! She felt awful. That is the first and only time she's ever done anything close to that (I know some children hit when their throwing tantrums). To this day, she still will say, "I hit Mommy. I cried. I'm sorry!" Clearly she won't be doing that again! :)

~we are in such a fun stage with Mia. Although I miss my little snuggly baby, this stage bring so much cuteness and MANY laughs! :)

My sweet Mia Grace,
   You are such a ray of sunshine, each and everyday. I love you more than words could ever say! I can't wait to see what your future holds. I pray everyday for your spirit and your life. You are my baby and I love you!


*I post pictures on Facebook like it's my job :) so this blog really has been slacking, but I couldn't write a milestones post without a few pics (albeit cell phone pics! :))

And for good measure...

 She decided to jump in a mud puddle at daycare and then play in the sandbox...silly girl! :)

Hanging out at my work (with food in her mouth, sorry! :)) But its too cute not to share!

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!!


christina said...

except for the sleeping thing, Lovie and Mia sound nearly identical.
she's got a heart of gold to be so empathetic already when she hit you!

i always say, "this is the best stage" with every stage, but i *really, really* mean it this time. ;)

Jackie said...

She sounds so sweet! I love the story about how bad she felt after hitting you.

I wish we were friends IRL...I think Mia and Isla would get along great! :)