Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life lately

I have really not been into blogging lately..not sure if it's a "rut" or I'm over this whole blogging thing in general (I feel like I say the same things over and over again, year after year! ;)), but whatever is happening, I'm never going to completely say goodbye because I've met way too many amazing friends through blogging! I would feel lost without that connection to my favs, but in the meantime I'm sure I'll lose followers and people will stop reading and I'm okay with that, seriously! :)

I had a wonderful Mothers Day, and a great weekend in general! Manuel's school friend is in the hospital so last weekend and this weekend Manny took him to the hospital to visit. It made Billy's day and Manuel LOVED seeing his little buddy! :) Lots of fun stuff happening in our world, and some pictures to prove it! :)

**Oddly enough hubby isn't in any of these pictures..I promise he is still very much a part of our lives, very much my husband, and very much doing AWESOME! :) I know how we can start to speculate when we notice "changes" in someones blog! :)) I promise, he's still around! ;))

Mothers Day tea at Manuel's school
Manuel and I self pic :)
Saturday morning trip to the playground :) Yes, she's in her jammies, but it was around 9am! ;)

Manuel and Billy at the hospital, playing outside :)

My GORGEOUS Mothers Day gift from Manny...I cried :)
Mothers Day brunch...delicious (at my Aunt's house)
Mia and Vivienne
Mia and my mom
A good majority of the ladies in my family (and Spencer ;)) My boys were at the Orioles game :)


christina said...

wow Mia's hair is getting SO long- why am i just now noticing that?
love the pics of the boys in the b-ball hoops- cute. :)
i'd cry if i got that gift, too.

happy belated Mother's Day!

Jackie said...

Funny because I just noticed Mia's long hair too :)

What a thoughtful Mother's Day gift!

Kayla said...

i'm still reading. so glad to hear you had a great mothers day!