Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Anniversary and misc

Good Morning Friends! Happy Friday!

A few random bits...

~I HATE change and, like an idiot, I switched to the new blogger format early (unintentionally. Apparently it's changing for everyone come April) and I hate it! Yes, I said HATE! :) I don't take well to change (hence the reason why I still haven't changed my Facebook page to the timeline format (although I'm sure any day now I will be forced to change) but once I get accustomed to something, I like to roll with it. This new blogger format, and the way my dashboard is set up, ewww, I just don't like it! Wah, wah, wah! ;) I'm sure I'll get used to it, like everything else, but for now, I'm complaining! ;) ANDDDD, I can't comment on anyones blog today. I get an error message! :(
~For those of you that took the time to comment on my last post, or e-mail me about Manuel, thank you SO much! It wasn't a "cry" for attention on my part, my feelings were genuinely hurt and I just needed to vent! Manuel is doing amazingly better and I have no doubt it's because of the prayers lifted on his behalf. He still has a ways to go, but progress is progress! :)

~Today is the last day of the month at work, which means a SUPER busy day for me (but I'm still blogging? Yes! :)) But this weekend will totally make up for any "work overload" I experience today! We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow morning (for Manuel's classmate) at Chuck E. Cheese, then tomorrow night hubby and I are going to a bull roast (our first night out since December! The first time Manuel will be spending the night away from us in over 3 years, and the first time Mia will EVER be spending the night away. They are staying at my moms. Oh wait, I think I already told you that in my last blog post. Oops! :), then Sunday we are taking the kids to the circus (a friend gave me tickets that she couldn't use! :))

BUT the point of this post, is that today is my 6th wedding anniversary! Not that he reads my blog, but Happy Anniversary Manny!!!!! ;) It is SUCH a testament to the power of God that Manny and I are here today, together, and truly happier than ever! To say that we've been through a lot is an understatement (although not as much as other couples out there, I'm sure! Everyone has their struggles), but to be sitting here today, still married (Happily) is just all thanks to God!

So, I know what you're thinking..."What are you super awesome anniversary plans!??!?!" Well, I'm glad you asked! ;) Manny is bringing home carry-out (sushi! My fav), we are renting "Hop" OnDemand, and snuggling in with the kids for a relaxing evening! :) And honestly, truly, I wouldn't want it any other way! :) We are in the midst of saving money for a security deposit so we can rent a bigger place once our lease is up (June 30th), so we are not in a spot to be spending extravagant amounts of money on anything, so low-key is key at this moment in time and we are both 100% fine with that! :) Plus, we'll get to enjoy some "adult time" tomorrow night at the bull roast, so that'll be a blast too! :)

And for good measure (the picture that announced to the world, that Manny and I got married! :) Yes, that's Manuel. Yes, he was born BEFORE we got married! ;) And yes, he's wearing a suit! ;)


Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary! The picture of Baby Manuel is precious! And I'm so glad to hear he is doing better.

It sounds like you have a great weekend ahead! Happy Friday! :)

Hanna said...

Happy anniversary love! That pic is ridiculoue CUTE!!!!! love you mama:)

Lindsay said...

OH NO!! Is it more complicated?

Courtney B said...

Happy belated Anniversary! You and Manny are SO amazing! I can't believe how much you 2 have been through together! I look up to your marriage!