Monday, March 12, 2012


It's been a whirlwind lately, and without divulging TOO much personal information (No, I'm not pregnant! ;)) and I hate when other bloggers say that because I'm SO nosey! ;)) but it pertains to my sweet son, who is REALLY struggling lately, so it's been all my mind and heart has been consumed with, as of late, so I haven't been up for blogging. I hope to be back soon, with good news, and answers, but for now, if you could just pray for Manuel, that would be awesome!

We had SUCH a great time at church yesterday! A few months back I finally 'gave in' in and started going to a Marriage Topical Bible Study class with Manny. It was a HUGE step for me (I was SO nervous) but I did it and I am SO glad! The class was rather large, so I was certainly missing the tight bond that I often read about on others blogs, but we continued to go, and God was working his miraculous plan the entire time...this particular Bible Study was ending today, and without anyone stepping up to teach the next lesson, it was determined that others would just "split off" and join other studies, but I was SO happy when another couple approached us about a class they were starting, that was just going to be us, them and two other couples!!!! This is JUST what I was looking for and what I wanted to find that tight bond with other couples, parents, etc. After meeting with the class "leaders" today, God's name was written all over this...this couple who I would have bet my life was perfect, were so down to Earth, awesome, and shared many of the same struggles Manny and I have been through (it's funny how "perfect" people seem, but we all struggle, that's for sure!!) But anyway, we start as a group of 8 next Sunday and I can't wait!!!!!!!! :)

It was beautiful in Maryland yesterday, so we got out and enjoyed the awesome weather (after church) while Manny stayed inside and worked on a big project for work. (I am SOOOO proud of my hubby! Although his pics have been absent from the blog lately, I promise we are still happily married ;), he is doing wonderfully and really thriving at his work!)

I hope you all are doing well! :)

And for good measure...(pics from the past few days-a few side notes: ironically enough Mia is wearing the same jacket and pants in all the pics. I swear, my children don't wear the same clothes EVERYDAY! ;)) Yes, Manuel is wearing a "Phineas and Ferb sweatshirt (and yes I'm the mother who isn't a fan of character clothing ;)

A real peek at our life...after about 30 minutes of the kids being up on Saturday morning! :) At least they had fun! :)


LisaAnne said...

I am so glad you have been going to that Sunday school class.

If a couple has their priorities right, the rest falls in place. And the most important of those things is a shared faith and commitment to being fully devoted Christians.


Jackie said...

Good to see you back in the blogging world! :)

I will be keeping Manuel in my thoughts and praying that you'll find some resolve for whatever the situation is.

Love the pics! I'm glad our house isn't the only one that looks like that on Saturday mornings! :)

Courtney B said...

I've been missing you!
I've definitely been praying for you AND Manuel! I hope things are getting easier for your cute boy!

Kayla said...

I have been out of the loop for a while too. I try and post but I haven't been able to read much....well I really haven't had the energy.

I hope that Manuel is doing better. Praying for you guys.

I wish Mr. Randolph and I could get into a group like that but we are not really religious people. (Church goers)