Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's go climb a tree

Hello sweet friends (and I mean that! :) There are several of you out there who I've formed true, genuine friendships with (even if we will probably never meet this side of Heaven! ;)) that I just adore! I mean when we are becoming Facebook friends from my personal page to your personal page (not just my page to your blog page!) that's true friendship! ;) But seriously, it just amazes me how this blogging world works...and people who don't blog totally DON'T understand it, but it's all a "God thing" how you can feel such a close bond with someone who you've never met!

I just realized that I never posted about our awesome weekend, well, it ended up being a tad not-awesome but that's okay, we still had fun! :) Friday night, for our anniversary, we did just as we had planned...Hop (the movie) OnDemand, carry out sushi, and relaxing. It was GREAT! Then Saturday Manny worked, so I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese (for a birthday party) and they had a blast! The bullroast was a lot of fun, and it was great to catch up with old friends, but it became clearly that this momma who NEVER drinks, can't even hang with some wine because I was feeling it for days! ;) I must be getting old! We were SUPPOSED to take the kids to the circus on Sunday, but as we were heading downtown, I just happened to read the vouchers (a friend who owns her own business had given us 4 tickets because she had been given them by a client and couldn't use them), only to realize that the tickets were for a Monday-Friday show, NOT a weekend show! :( We were all really bummed out! And you may be thinking, "Well, why didn't you just go to the show and buy tickets?" Even with the cheapest seats, it would still cost and arm and a leg, and we are saving to move in June. The only reason we were going in the first place is because they were complimentary passes. So instead of the circus, we settled for ice cream, the pet store and playing outside, not even close to almost as awesome as the circus! My heart may have broken a bit when I was going to get Mia out of the car at the pet store and she said, "Seeing elephants?" :( It was my fault for not reading the tickets and I felt AWFUL! But we made the best of it! :)

Now, on to the title of my post...yesterday, after we got home from work and daycare it was SO beautiful outside, so we took the kids front and they climbed the tree in our yard (and rode bikes, played soccer, etc.) It was a great evening!

These two faces brighten my world! :)

I was holding Mia in the tree while taking the pic :)
Mia "climbing" the tree ;)
Yes, he's that high. No, I'm not crazy! I'm actually quite proud of myself..I am REALLY neurotic when it comes to my children, almost to a fault. With everything that Manuel is going through (if you've been praying, it's working, so thank you!) I realized that perhaps my "craziness" is starting to rub off on him and not helping what he's going through, so I'm trying to loosen up a bit. I would never let him (or Mia) put themselves in danger, but I'm working on relaxing a bit. It's working! ;)

Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait for Easter Sunday with my family! I hope you all are having a wonderful week! :)


Lindsay said...

Such adorable kiddies :)

Kayla said...

omg! i would die if i saw tater climbing that high. lol. but in the same breathe be proud that he was brave enough to do it!??! crazy!

That would really bumm be out about the circus. those tickets really are rediculous and the reason we havent taken tater!

Jackie said...

Love the tree climbing pictures! That's a bummer about the circus, but I'm glad you made the best of it! :)

Happy Easter!