Sunday, March 25, 2012

Venting (and pictures :))

This blogging thing is hard to be a part of sometimes...I find myself investing my time, energy, heart, and most importantly prayers in people who I consider friends and when those feelings aren't reciprocated it hurts my heart. It may sound crazy that I truly consider people I've met through blogging my friends and genuinely take an interest in their lives and families, but I do. I'm not saying that I form a bond/connection with every blogger I come across, but there are a handful of ladies that I've met who I really consider friends, and it's disappointing when you pour your heart, ask for prayers and get no sort of response. I don't blog for the comments or followers, so don't misunderstand this rant ;) but at least act like you care. My sweet friend Courtney (a blogging friend :)) said that maybe people don't respond because they don't know what to say or don't want to be intrusive, and I get that, BUT at least take 2.5 seconds and say, "I'm praying for you", "I'm thinking about you and hope everything turns out okay" or whatever, JUST SAY SOMETHING, that's all. And I don't write this so for pity, I write this because I needed to get it off of my heart! :) I know I'm being sensitive and shouldn't let it get to me, but the truth is, it did/does, and I needed to vent, so there you have it! :)

Life is moving along for the Gomez family. We are still in a season of struggle with Manuel, but I know through prayers, before we know it, this will all be behind us! Small Group is going absolutely AWESOME at church. The 3 other couples we are with just prove to be that no one is perfect, everyone struggles, and through getting to know one another, we can all be better people, better spouses and better parents! :) I look forward to getting know everyone better with each passing week, and most importantly growing closer to God!

This upcoming week/weekend will be busy for's month end at work (super busy for me!), Friday is our 6th year wedding anniversary, Saturday Manny is working in the morning, while I take the kids to a birthday party, and then Saturday night Manny and I will be heading to a bullroast benefit with lots of old friends...our first night out since December, the first time Mia will be spending the night at a house other than her own (except for our family vacation) and away from Manny and I (the kids are staying with my mom). It will be weird being away from her and Manuel, but we need it! :)

Have a great week everyone! :)

And for good measure...
 Visting my sweet grandmother (Nonna) at the nursing home :)
 Nonna and Manny
My crazy boy! ;)
Leaving the nursing beautiful girl and sweet hubby
 Girl time (while Manny was at a Mens Dinner at church and Manuel was sleeping at Manny's moms house (it was his first time sleeping out in over 3 years...needless to say he made it until about 11pm and then called crying for Manny to pick him up! :))
 Mia playing grocery store...she took these boots out of the closet, told me she was leaving and putting them on! ;) She would never really leave the house like this! :)


Lindsay said...

LOVE where your heart is. Know that even if I don't always comment, I ALWAYS read your posts and LOVE following your journey. Your an amazing friend and momma. SO proud of you girly!

dottie said...

I've been a terrible commenter lately, all around. I always stop and read your post and think of you and your ADORABLE family.

Happy Anniversary!

You'll have to document that bull roast, I've been to a pig roast but never a bull roast.

Happy Monday!!

Jackie said...

I'm so sorry that I've been out of the loop for the past week. Learning how to be a Mommy of two has been a little time consuming! ;) As always, I appreciate all the prayers you've sent up for our family this past year...and now I will send them up for you! Thinking of your sweet Manuel!