Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never forget...9/11/01

I just went back and read my post from last year and nothing has changed, except it's been 11 years instead of 10. This day will always spark a huge amount of emotion, even fear, in me. I think it's just the nature of that vicious attack. As I said my prayers this morning I thought...so many people were getting ready, just as I am, heading to work, and they NEVER knew that in a few short hours their lives would be taken away. So sad, so heartbreaking. God bless those people who lost their lives. God bless those families left behind. God bless those children whos moms were pregnant with them at the time, and they'll never get to meet their daddies, this side of Heaven. I will never forget. My children will never forget. Although they are too young to understand it now, or even be told what today is all about, they wore their red, white and blue today, in honor of the THOUSANDS of lives lost...THOUSANDS of lives taken in a few short hours. It is SO hard to wrap your brain around, even 11 years later.

Don't ever forget...