Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dutch Wonderland Pics

Last weekend we ended our summer with a trip to Dutch Wonderland. It's a fun little amusement park in Pennsylvania, geared towards the younger crowd. Manuel is probably on the verge of being a tad too "old" for it, but all in all, he had a great time too! :) We went with my sister, her husband and their kiddos.

And for good measure...
 The kids waiting patiently for their cousins to arrive so our day of fun can start! :) 

 Spencer and Vivenne are here! :) 
 Cousins :)
 Mia and I "flying" :) 

 I don't do things that spin, but Manny and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it! :) 
 Vivi LOVES her Uncle Manny

 Manuel's piggies...not sure why I decided to ride the Sky Lift with my sister and Manuel when I'm scared to death of heights! :) 

I am SUCH a big baby...yes, I was THAT scared! ;)

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! :) 

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Jackie said...

What a fun day for the kids! The very last picture made me laugh out loud!

And how cute does Mia's hair look in a pony tail! :)