Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacation photo dump ;)

Hello friends,

Once again, it's been quite awhile since my last blog post and life has been going great! (I just realized that I NEVER addressed what we were dealing with, with Manuel. In case anyone was wondering, just a quick update (sorry for never addressing it, life has been crazy and blogging has taken a backseat)...things are going AWESOME! We were fearful of some possible ADD/ADHD, anxiety, some sort of issues along those lines, but all seems to be going well. We'll monitor it next year when he starts first grade, and hopefully it was just a stage. If not though, the school is well aware of everything and we'll work together to do what's best for Manuel! Thank God all seems well for now! :)) Now, on to the fun stuff...Our summer is in full swing and we just got back from our annual trip to the ocean. It was nothing short of amazing! Here are some of my favorite pics of our trip...

Our annual Old Time Photo (the girls were supposed to be smiling and the boys serious, but Mia wanted NOTHING to do with smiling for the photog! ;))
Headed to the ocean! :) (yes, Manuel is in a booster seat, you just can't see it :))
Our BEAUTIFUL condo (a friend from church owns this, and it is absolutely gorgeous!) 
The family room
Our view of the bay
Ready for the beach! :) 

Crabbing :) 

One of the couples from our small group at church were on vacation too, so we hung out with them for a bit. This is one of their SEVEN children! :) 
Mia strutting down the boardwalk...our first few nights were chilly, but absolutely gorgeous! 

Fathers Day morning


Boat ride to Assateague Island where we got to get out and explore :) 

He lost one of his top front teeth right before we left and the other one he lost while we were on vacation :)

Dinner at an Irish restaurant right on the salmon sandwich EVER! :)

Flying kites after annual dusk family pics on the beach :) 

Ranch dressing face! ;)

It went from chilly to 100+ degrees!! :) So Manuel and I went for a bike ride! :) It was SO hot, but so fun! Until...
The chain on his bike came off and I couldn't fix it! :) These are our exaggerated sad faces because now we had to walk back to the place! :) 

My friend Lauren and her family were down at the beach too, so we met up for dinner and rides...SO fun! :) 
It was an absolutely amazing trip, with so many great memories made! I just can't say enough about how awesome it was! :)

Have a great week friends!


Courtney B said...

LOVE the pictures!! So glad you guys took this vacation! Definitely deserved it :)
And I'm so happy to have the update on Manuel! What a relief that he is doing great! Yay :)

Jackie said...

Awesome, awesome pictures! I remember when you took the same vacay last year :)

I'm so glad to hear that Manuel is doing good! Yay!!