Friday, January 24, 2014

Mia Grace is 4!

My intentions were to blog about Mia's birthday right after it happened, but you know life, it sometimes gets in the way! ;) Maci was really sick beginning on Friday, and long story short, had/has RSV, was in the hospital for a couple of hours, and is on the mend now, but things were sad and scary for a few days. But, back to my post ;) Mia Grace turned 4 on January 18th! I truly can't believe she's 4 already! Time flies, flies, flies!

My girl is quite the character...she is full of sass, orneriness, adorableness and love all rolled into one! :) She has definitely gone from baby to big girl overnight...she even makes a conscious efforts to say words correctly that before she mispronounced. For example, she always said, "hopistal" and now, she says, "Ho-spit-al" (we drive past a hospital everyday on the way to work/daycare :)) My sweet girl is growing up and I just love her to pieces!

This conversation happened on the way to work/daycare this morning:
Mia: "Mommy, was I born when Daddy was a baby?"
Me: "Um, no"
Mia: "Well where was I? ....Ohhh, I know Jesus was still making me!"
Me: "Yes, He sure was!"
Mia: "Was Manuel born when Daddy was a baby?"
Me: "Nope, Jesus was making him too!"
Mia: "Jesus was making me AND Manuel???? He must have been taking turns making us, or God was making Manuel and Jesus was making me."
 Mia Grace, I love you more than words and I look forward to your bright, beautiful future!

We are skipping friend birthday parties this year (and taking the kids away for a long weekend next month-Manuel's birthday is January 31st). But we did have family over on Saturday for cake and ice cream to celebrate the oldest two Gomez kiddos. Here are some pics:

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Denise said...

That conversation is too cute!! Happy Birthday sweet girl!