Friday, January 17, 2014

Maci Lou is 4 months

Let me preface this post by saying, No, Maci isn't experiencing "3rd child syndrome" when it comes to me documenting her milestones! ;) I do an excellent job of keeping up with her baby book and monthly photo shoots, I just haven't been good about blogging those milestones. I decided today I would post about her 4 month stats :)

Maci Lou,
   Life has been absolutely awesome since you entered it 4 months ago. Mommy would be lying if I didn't say it's trying too (we think you're on the verge of outgrowing your colic, but you still have your moments, err, I mean hours! ;)) Everywhere you go everyone says, "Oh my goodness, she's a mini-Mia" and most of the time I agree but sometimes I definitely see your brother or Daddy! :) Time flies is SO cliche, but it's the's going even faster this 3rd time around. Mommy is no rush for you to grow up, so I MIGHT discourage you when you try to hold your own bottle! ;) Sorry sweet girl, but you're my last, I need this to not go TOO fast! :) I love you more than words can say. I look forward these upcoming months and all the super cute things you'll start to do (but again, take your time! ;))

*Weight/height: at your 4 month check-up on 1/10/14 (your exact 4 month birthday) you were 15 lbs 12 oz. You were 25 1/2 inches. Your head circumference is ALMOST off the're following in your big sis' steps with the big head! ;)
What are you up to these days...

*Developmental milestones: you smile, laugh out loud, SQUEAL (the other day you squealed SO loud, RIGHT in my ear that my ear literally ran afterwards! :)), and you've rolled from your belly to your back several times. You try SO hard to roll from your back to your belly but just can't get your arm out of the way! You bat at toys and hold them in your hand. Speaking of hands, you LOVE having your hands together, like you are praying, and then putting them in your mouth. It's super cute!

*You are in size 2 diapers

*You wear 6-9 month clothes because you are quite long!

*After being home with Mommy for 12 weeks, and then spending 1 day/week at home with Mommy and 4 days with Linnie for another 6 weeks, you are now officially at Linnie's, full time, 5 days a week. You love it there! Being there has definitely helped your "temperament" ;) Linnie adores you, just like she does your big sister and did your big brother

*Your brother and sister love you to pieces, and the feeling is mutual. You just smile and smile when you see them. You have begun to grab at your brother glasses and he thinks it's just so funny (Mommy and Daddy, not so much! ;))

*Since Mommy hasn't slept for almost 8 years ;) I'm not expecting you to be sleeping through the night anytime soon! :) Up until 2 days ago, the most I had gotten from you was a 6 hour stretch, but on Monday we introduced you to cereal (which you LOVE) and I give you a small serving for "dinner" and then a bottle before bed and you've given us a 7 hour stretch two nights in a row, WOO HOO! ;)

*You drool like a machine, so I'm not sure if you're teething, but I think you might be! :) Mia didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 MONTHS, so we'll see what you do.

*You eat 4 oz every 3ish hours during the day (we've tried up'ing so you could space out your feedings a bit, but with your reflux every time Mommy tries it makes you gassy and miserable so we'll just keep it where you are for now. Your final bottle before bed is 5oz.

I think that about sums it up! :)
Maci's 4 month homemade photo shoot
Hanging out on New Years Eve :)
Quick story...on Maci's 1 month birthday, I was explaining to Mia how it was Maci's 1 month birthday, etc. well to a child, the word "birthday" means cake, singing, candles, so she insisted that we buy Maci a cake and sing Happy Birthday to her, and so we did! :) It is now a tradition on each of Maci's monthly birthdays we sing to her and she "blows out" candles over some sort of dessert (if we don't have cake on hand! :)) No, she doesn't actually eat the dessert but it makes for cute pics and fun traditions! :) 

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She reminds me SO much of Mia! Such a cutie!