Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring, where are you?????

Where do I even begin!??!? This has been the craziest, most sickly Winter the Gomez family has EVER experienced! Thankfully, I'm assuming to my prenatal vitamins, I have yet to catch any of it (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!!) But we have been through a whirlwind amongst my hubby and the kiddos...strep (all 3 of them, numerous times), flu (Manny and Mia), pneumonia (Manny and Manuel), ear infections (Mia), stomach virus (Manuel twice, Mia, currently in the midst of her 3rd bout!) and if I thought about it hard enough, the list could go on and on. To think that Manuel didn't miss a SINGLE day of school last year, this is just insane to me! We are certainly making up for it this year! HOWEVER, although I'm sounding like a complainer, in the midst of my frustration that we can't shake the sickies, BELIEVE ME, when I say I thank God EVERY SINGLE TIME, that it's "just" ...... (insert sickness). Even when Mia had her seizure back on New Years Eve, I repeatedly said, "Thank you Jesus that it's JUST a seizure" Between church and "real life" friends, I know so many people who are struggling with TERMINAL illness, so these things, that will eventually find their way out of our home, are NOTHING compared to what some people deal with! So, thank you God for that!!!! As I type this, I'm working from home, while Mia lays on her Dora couch next to me, SOOO sick with a stomach virus like I've never seen before! :( She started getting sick yesterday at Linnie's house (her sitter) and proceeded to vomit all over my car on the way home, 3 times at Patient First (Hubby took her there while I went to my monthly OB appointment because he thought she was going to have strep (like him and Manuel are currently on antibiotics for) and hen continued to get sick through the night (between 10pm and 4am she was literally vomiting every 10-20 minutes!!! I'd doze off and immediately she'd start getting sick again! :( It was/is awful. She's only gotten sick a few times today, but when she just woke up a little bit ago (she's been sleeping most of the day), I was talking to her, holding a wet rag on her forehead, just trying to comfort her and I said, "Mia, what can Mommy do for you?" and in her frailest, saddest, sickest voice she said, "Mommy, I would like it if you would just leave me alone!" Wellll, okay then! :) I just want my baby to get better. I want Spring to get here, and I want a healthy, happy Spring/Summer! :)

My appt went well yesterday. The baby has a nice, strong heartbeat and I'll go back in 4-5 weeks for my big 18 week sonogram (remember, we AREN'T finding out the gender! :)) Praying for a happy, healthy little baby!

Now, some random pictures of our days when we haven't been sick over the last few weeks/months! :)


Jackie said...

That doesn't sound like fun! :( We've had a very sickly week in our house too.

Your hair looks adorable!! I can't believe that your past 12 weeks already. So exciting!

Kelly said...

I agree! I am starting to dislike winter! It keeps snowing and keeps getting colder, not warmer!

Also, didn't know I wasn't a follower, so now I am :)