Sunday, December 16, 2012


The reality of my life is this..11 out of the 20 deadliest shootings have occured in the United States, 6 (I believe) of those 11 have occured since 2007...that is a staggering, heartbreaking, awful statistics. Words can't even begin to explain how sad my heart is over what happened on Friday. Babies, sweet, innocent, babies, who had their entire lives ahead of them, gone, at the hands of a madman. And those poor teachers...mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, wives and friends. SO senseless. SO heartbreaking. My heart has been aching (literally) since this all happened, then add in the mix a memorial service for a very dear friend (on Saturday morning), my heart has reached it's maximum sadness quota, and to think I am just a bystander, looking in. I can't even begin to fathom how those families lose a loved one so unexpectedly. My heart just hearts, plain and simple.

Please pray for those families, please pray for our country, please pray for the world. PLEASE come to know Jesus if you don't, please, please, please. I can say this, what happened on Friday will FOREVER change me as a mother! FOREVER! A majority of those sweet babies that died were Manuel's age...can't.even.fathom.

Today I share my Facebook status from Friday night...

there is so much tragedy in todays events, one of them being our ability to SO easily forget...this time next week I'd venture to say people will have moved on, people will have "forgotten" (those not directly affected, of course), and they will be going on and on about the SUPPOSED end of the world (12/21/12) but friends, lets not forget what the Bible tells us, "Therefore keep watch, because ...
you do not know the day or the hour." So instead of forgetting, instead of moving on, instead of these sweet precious "babies" being taken in vain, lets DO SOMETHING ABOUT!!! Learn to be kinder, love deeper, reach out to a stranger, help those in need, do something simple as saying thank you when someone holds a door open for you, raise your children with morals and values, be the change you want to see in the world because if not, the rest of our lives (however long it is until He comes), will be spent dealing with these tragedies, which sadly, will probably be happening more and more!
The entire country is in my prayers we are planning on Christmas day, planning our next holiday party, families are planning funeralsl..just entirely too hard to wrap my brain around. All I can do is pray!

If you feel led, please participate in the blog day of silence on Tuesday. I know people might not "get" the idea behind a blogging day of silence, but it just shows solidarity, rememberance, love, compassion. If you feel led, please do so...

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