Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Please, for her mother and MIL's sake! :-)

I came across this blog, courtesy of C Jane...

She is gathering research for her thesis and needs our help! Take a few minutes, visit her blog and fill out the blog questionnaire she has posted. As incentive she is giving away a $100 gift certificate to two people who fill it out (on or around May 1st). Go ahead, you know you wanna! :) And if I was technically savy enough to know how to post the link DIRECTLY to her post about this questionnaire I would, BUT unfortunately I have no clue. SOOOO go to her blog and on the right hand side, at the top is a link for "Blog Questionnaire"

And in case you were wondering about my post title..she has said that she will not start having children until her thesis is done! :) As mommies, we all know how awesome children are, and everyone needs to have AT LEAST one, so help her out! :)

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