Monday, March 10, 2014

"They" say...

I always wonder who this "they" is that people refer to ;) but I know one thing that "they" say that is SO true, and that is...TIME FLIES! Goodness gracious, how in the world is my Maci Louise, 6 months old already!?!? I mean REALLY, how is it possible!??! I get that time marches on, children grow up, but I feel like it was yesterday I was taking my final belly shot in the mirror, preparing to head to the hospital for my 3rd (and final ;( csection. She is halfway to ONE! I JUST.DONT.GET.IT! I've said this before, and I'll say it a million and one more times, I think time has flown even more so because she's our last, and I know it :( Regardless of why, it happens and my sweet angel is 6 months old today. We'll do the standard monthly photo shoot tonight, and then she'll have her 6 month appointment next Monday (so I'll be back with her "stats" :))

6 months ago! Gosh, I LOVED being prego!!!!

 Meeting my baby girl! :)
Heading out for errands this past Saturday


QuanMai said...
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Jackie said...

6 months really has flown by! She's such a precious, beautiful girl!