Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Maci Lou is (was ;) 5 months

So way back on February 10th Maci Louise turned 5 months, but that day came and went without an update, however, I do have a sweet baby girl came down with the stomach virus that day and needless to say, updating the blog was the last thing on my "to do" list. Then Tuesday night rolled around and I woke up with it in the middle of the night, and while I was "getting sick" (sorry!) in walks Mia covered in "sickness" so it was an awful few days! Then the biggest snow storm to hit Maryland came through Wednesday, into Thursday, which also happened to coincide with Manny (my husband) get the flu (as in influenza!) so while I wasn't even close to being recovered from the stomach virus, I'm outside shoveling 20 inches of snow because OBVIOUSLY Manny couldn't with the flu! So it was a very busy/crazy week. Prior to the stomach virus Manuel had his Pinewood Derby for Boy Scouts, Manny was inducted as Assistant Den Leader (in Scouts) and life has been busy and wonderful! Thankfully we were still able to get away this past weekend for the kids belated birthday gift. We headed to Ocean City, got a nice hotel and swam and ate a lot! ;) But here I am, with Maci's 5 month update :)

*Weight/height:this is an "in between" month where she doesn't have a well child check-up, so I have no clue. I'd venture to say she's around 17 lbs or so. As for height, NO CLUE! Next month will be more specific! :)

What are you up to these days...

*Developmental milestones: you are a rolling machine...back to belly and belly to back. You are able to sit up by yourself for a few seconds at time before you fall over (like a little weeble wobble ;)) You grab for, your brothers glasses, pretty much anything that is in your reach! You have the cutest giggle because you laugh so hard that almost no noise comes out! Your smile lights up a room and I'm pretty sure it's because of the single dimple you have on your right cheek (just like Daddy!)

*You are in size 3 diapers

*You wear mostly 9 month are a bit of a chubber, but the main reason for the bigger size is because you are very long!

*You continue to spend your days at Linnie's (although between snow and sickness, I think you've only been there 2 full weeks since Mommy came back to work full time, in the office, in January!) You love it there!

*Your brother and sister love you to pieces, and the feeling is mutual. You just smile and smile when you see them. But I'd have to say, I'm pretty sure I'm still your fav! ;)

*So last month in the sleeping section of this update I mentioned how we started you on a bit of cereal at night, which caused you to sleep two days in a row of a 7 hour stretch, wellll, needless to say, that hasn't happened since then! :) You just aren't a good sleeper, AT ALL (just like your brother and sister!) I know I need to start letting you self soothe, etc. but I can't, not yet. So until then I guess I'm just going to continue to roll with the punches, and get up with you when you want to still eat every 4 hours. (I know that sounds SO crazy to some people, but it works for our family! :))

*You continue to drool (but not as much as before), but still no teeth!

*The day you got the stomach virus (before we knew you had it!) was the day we started you on some fruit. So needless to say, we haven't gone back to that, yet. You still eat 4 oz every 3 hours (or so). Your bedtime bottle is 5 oz and that gives me a 4 hour or so stretch. I've tried making bigger bottles to get you to go longer, but with your reflux, it just doesn't work! You get pretty gassy and miserable! :(

You bring SO much joy to our lives sweet girl! I LOVE YOU!!!
And now some pics from your 5 month "photo shoot"

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