Sunday, December 15, 2013

Easy Canvas Prints

It's no secret that I LOVE taking pictures...of my children, my family, my home, my friends, well, you get the picture! ;) There is pretty much a running joke around my family and friends that whenever in doubt, ask Christina, she always has her camera! :) And I do because, although memories can exist, even if they aren't caught on "film" I love looking back at pictures and the flood of memories that they bring. The only thing is, many times I take all these pictures, post them on various social media outlets, and then they are forever stored on memory cards. There is NO way that I could ever print out all the pictures I take, I'd easily be broke in a matter of seconds! :) However, there are those super special shots that you get that you just have to print out in hard copy to display. One of my favorite ways to display the "perfect shot" is on canvas! Now that we are homeowners, I'd love to fill our walls with those special memories that can most beautifully be displayed on canvas.

One company that has amazing, beautiful canvases is Easy Canvas Prints. This company has many options for all of your canvasing needs and extremely reasonable pricing! Easy Canvas Prints also runs fun contests on their blog and Facebook page. Beginning December 15, 2013 fans can upload any photo that they would like printed on canvas as a gift to someone and the photos with the most votes will win prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Just for entering the contest you will get a 60% off and free shipping coupon code, so it's a win-win! Go check out their website for all the details!

I can't wait to share the picture of my canvas that I'm going to order of all 3 of the kiddos! It's perfect (well, as perfect as you can get with a 3 month old, an almost 4 and almost 8 year old! ;)

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