Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One year

One year, 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, no matter how you say it, it has been that long since 3 little boys came in to this world and left this world, 3 little boys that should be here today. 3 little boys whose 1st birthday we should have been celebrating on this very day, but unfortunately Jesus had other plans. Anthony Michael, Mateo Joseph and Ian Vincent Brannock entered this world entirely too early and Jesus called them home. We will never know why, until we get to Heaven. But what do know one thing, these little boys made a HUGE impact in our family in the very, very, very short time they were here and we will never forget them. Their mommy and daddy miss them terribly. All of us miss them and wonder “what if” every day but unfortunately life can not be lived that way. Today we will look up to Heaven and cry and hopefully muster a smile to 3 little boys who are celebrating their “angelversary” (as another angel mommy, Robin, so beautifully put it on a blog that I follow). We know that they are being very well taken care of in Heaven. We know that one day we’ll get to see them again. Until that day to Anthony, Mateo and Ian…we all love you SO much and we miss you!!!!

**On a quick side note…Amy and Mike decided to get away for a few days to help ease the pain of this anniversary and when they arrived at the hotel Mike immediately opened up the curtains which overlooked the ocean and what do they see…3 dolphins swimming in the ocean right in front of them! Coincidence, absolutely not, to Amy, Mike and Aunt Christina, that was a sign from their 3 little angels telling them (and their baby brother-to-be) “Hello!”

Thank you for following Amy and Mike’s journey this last year, and for all the prayers, love and support.

Prayers and love to you all!

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Robin said...

3 dolphins....I have chills.

Big hugs to you all!