Monday, September 15, 2014

365 days old!

**I began to write this post on 9/9, edited/forgot to post it on 9/10 and then couldn't bring myself to post it on 9/11/14 because to me, 9/11 is sacred, and I choose not to do anything (social media related) that doesn't honor the lives of those lost.**

Well, I certainly remember this day like it was yesterday because that's certainly what it feels like! How did an entire year pass already!?!??! Maci Louise turns ONE today! It really is surreal, but I love this age (minus the getting into EVERYTHING) and I can't wait to see my baby girl turn into a toddler (but for the record...I need that to happen VERY slowly! She's my last one! ;))

Maci Lou,
  It's crazy to think that 365 days ago I was up at the crack of dawn, preparing for your scheduled c-section. We drove your brother and sister to Nonna and Poppys (I bawled my eyes out! SHOCKER! ;)) and headed to the hospital. At 9:16am you entered the world, screaming your head off, and goodness knows you didn't stop screaming your head off for almost SEVEN MONTHS! You had colic, and that was a tough, tough time, but boy oh boy did I love you no matter what! Your first two weeks were perfect! You slept in 4 hour stretches, in your bassinet, and it was absolutely insane to me. Then, I'll never forget day we went to visit some of my Mommy's co-workers, and as I put you in your carrier, you started crying and didn't stop (or so it seemed! ;)) until you were almost seven months old! :) Girlfriend, you threw Mommy for a loop, but I think that's what made us REALLY close! I had to "wear" you most of the time, so we spent A LOT of time together. Not to mention I worked from home for 4 weeks (after my maternity leave was up), so you got 4 weeks of extra lovings, and we are still pretty inseparable to this day! :) You are cute, sweet, sassy, hilarious, wild, loud and absolutely everything I hoped you'd be! I can't wait to see what this life has in store for you sweet girl! I love you with all of my heart and soul!

What are you up to these days...

*Developmental milestones: as of the week of 8/23/ are a pro at going up the steps (goodness you LOVE to climb steps!), when I say, "Maci rest" you lay your head down wherever you are, and you have taken a few consecutive steps, several different times. On 8/26/14 you had your last bottle of formula. On 9/6/14 you started throwing both arms up in the air when Mommy says, "Touchdown!"On 9/9/14 you had your last bottle (of milk). You are completely off the bottle as of your 1st birthday! :)

*Your stats: You don't have your year check-up until October 7th, but I'd guess you're around 25 lbs, and still tall as ever! I'm sure you'll continue to remain off the charts until you start walking, then you'll slim down some. As for height, I'd venture to say you'll always be off the charts!

*You are in size 5 diapers

*You wear mostly 18 month clothing, but sometimes 24 months! :)

*You continue to be SUCH a good girl at Linnie's. Everyday when I pick you up Linnie always brags about how good you are! :)

*You love Manuel, Mia and Daddy. You do this super adorable "shy" face when you're around new people. You actually even do it when you're around people you know, and you just feel shy!

*You're a momma's girl, through and through! 

*You're officially in your crib as of the night of September 3rd! Mommy is holding strong and you are doing well. It's not the easiest thing to do with you teething, and I've ALMOST given in a few times, but thankfully I changed my mind. There is NOTHING wrong with co-sleeping and I love every single second of doing, but it was time...we made it almost a year my baby girl! :)

*You do a lot of babbling...still clearly know that Mommy is "Mama" and Daddy is "Dada". Linnie and I both swore you said, "Ninny" (meaning Linnie) yesterday, but we'll have to see if that keeps up to call it an actual "word" :)

And for good measure:

As with the 11 previous months, on Maci's birthday I did a monthly photo shoot. I have AWESOME pics on my camera but this is Maci in her "party outfit" (from my Iphone). I haven't posted this pic on FB yet (and I won't until after her party on Saturday) but I felt no harm in sharing it here because no one I know (in real life) reads this (at least not that I'm aware of! :))

 I know, I'll give you a second to can't handle all the cuteness! ;)
You only turn one, once! ;) 

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