Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A week ago today, Mia started preschool and as I expressed in my last post, it was a hard, hard, HARD ;) day for both of us. The days after it, at drop off, were "easier" but still hard. There was still tears, there was still "Mommy, please take me to the bathroom before you leave" requests and I was really starting to wonder if she'd ever be okay with this new place. (I for one HATE change, so I couldn't blame her if she wanted to stay at Linnie's until she moved out of her house! ;)) I know she was fine once I left, but drop off was breaking my heart. Today was a pivotal moment for us, I wanted to post it here because I do look at this blog as a journal/baby book (although I do fill out their baby books as well! :)) Here is my FB status (excuse the Ray Rice reference, clearly, living in Maryland, that's ALL that in my newsfeed these days!!!) :

"I was hesitant to post this for fear of being annoying and then I realized it can't possibly be more annoying than all the Ray Rice posts! I am sooooo proud of Mia...today there were NO tears, NO requests to take her to the bathroom, etc. The director met us at the door, I signed her in and she walked away WITH A SMILE! I said, "Bye Mia! Mommy is SO proud of you!" She turned back with a huge smile and we (Maci and I) walked out! A week ago she walked in those doors holding her Daddy's hand and I caught (accidentally) the saddest picture of her, as tears streamed down her face. Today, that smile made everything worth it"

The level I love my children is beyond words, but with the daily living of life ;), that sometimes gets forgotten or pushed aside because of a meltdown, lack of sleep, misbehavior, work, school, lack of patience, life in general, and I read this line on another blog a few moments ago, and it sums it up perfectly...

"My love for my children is profound, but because we spend our days living, working, surviving we don't stop much to feel how deep we love."-CJane Kendrick

I love my children SO deeply! I hope they always know that and feel that!

I can only pray that Mia continues to enjoy preschool. I pray that Manuel continues to "enjoy" 3rd grade (he's 8.5, unless it's gym, he's not ENJOYING it, but he does well! ;)) I pray that my baby, who turns one TOMORROW continues to enjoy life and being a baby! :))

And for good measure:

 Manuel's after his 1st soccer game (the real feel temp was 105 degrees that day and those boys still played their hearts out and won! ;))
Mia thoroughly enjoying the 105 degree soccer game! ;)

This girl keeps me on my toes!
But is SO darn adorable, it makes up for it! ;)
My loves on our 1st "Purple Friday" of the NFL season

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Jackie said...

I am SO happy to hear this! Yay Mia! And what a great quote! I'm definitely adding that to my favorites!