Wednesday, September 3, 2014

1st Day of Pre-K

My, my, many milestones in the last few weeks and in the coming weeks for the Gomez family! It's a bag full of mixed emotions! :) I don't do well with change, and my babies growing up, but I also know how blessed I am to have healthy children that are well enough to experience all of these things, so it's just a lot for this Momma heart to take in! :) And let's be honest, I can't help myself so there is A LOT of tears! ;)

On August 27, Manuel started 3rd grade (worst mother, for not doing a post about it, but clearly I'm not a regular blogger! :)) He got on the bus without issue or incident (I cried, even though this is the FOURTH time I've done this with him! ;)) and so far, his year is going well!

My sweet Mia Grace started preschool yesterday, September 2nd. She attends a preschool/daycare at a church by our house. Our neighbors daughter goes there and it came highly recommended. The hardest part of it all, was Mia saying "see ya later" to Linnie last Friday. Linnie has been Mia's primary care taker (besides Manny and I) since she was EIGHT WEEKS OLD! That's 4.5 years! It was a VERY hard goodbye for all of us (probably the worst for Linnie and I! ;)) So Mia and I did great all weekend. No tears shed in anticipation of her starting school UNTIL it was time for Manny to walk her in (I knew he had to do it. I knew I was going to lose it, and I didn't want to lose it in front of her.) As I got her out of the car, and Manny grabbed her hand to walk her in, she started bawling! :( (I got in the car, and did as well. Maci probably thinks I'm crazy! ;)) After about 10 minutes Manny walked out and said that she was "okay". By the time he called at noon to check on her, she was fine. Once they moved from the group setting (with all the kids) to her pre-K classroom, she was okay. I was SUPER excited to pick her up at the end of the day and see how she was...she was fine. She survived! We survived! ;)

Today was day #2, and she teared up, but no major breakdown! I hope each day gets easier, because this Mommas heart can't handle tears (from either of us! :)) everyday!

Here are a few (cell phone) pics from her 1st day. I overslept (UGH!!) so we were rushed, but at least I got some good shots!

And for good measure...

 Getting ready to walk Manuel up to the bus stop before her big day! :)
 Looking up at Daddy (this wasn't staged! and I LOVE this shot!)
When I picked her up at the end of the day...crazy hair and all, she's still SO beautiful! :)

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Jackie said...

I love that last picture too! So sweet! I hope she's adjusted to her new school now. :)