Wednesday, July 2, 2014

9 (well closer to 10 ;) month post (and a bit of life in general)

Let me start off by saying that summer is cruising along for the Gomez family! I certainly can't believe that it's already July! Wow! In a little less than two months Manuel will be a 3rd grader and Mia will be ending her life long "run" at Linnie's house and starting pres-school :( Then, in a little over two months, Maci will be ONE!?!??! It just doesn't make sense to me! ;) It makes my heart ache, literally, how quickly time goes. BUT I try to remind myself that each day I'm given with the kiddos (and Manny) is a gift and more than some people are given (WAY MORE!) so I need to just sit back, relax and enjoy it. Easier said than done! :)

We just got back from a week+ long vacay to the beach! It was awesome! Many laughs were had, many memories were made, and we're so grateful to have had the time away! We spent a lot of time at the beach, hit up the waterpark, rented a pontoon boat, rode rides and of course spent ridiculous amounts of money at the arcades on the Boardwalk, to only walk away with some candy, a mini water gun, a few other items that broke the next day. That's what it's all about though, right? ;) Now, it's back to Linnie's for the girls, summer camp for Manuel and work for Manny and I!

Of course I took a zillion pictures, and they are all posted on Facebook, but here is my favorite pic from our vacation (or quite possibly EVER) of the 5 of us...

EDITED: As of Maci's 10 month birthday, she has two teeth. The two bottom (front) are through! :)

Now on to the Maci Lou update...Sheww weeeee, this has been a busy, busy month and a half for Maci Louise, in terms of milestones! :) She is growing like a weed and certainly changing each and everyday! I wanted to do a post, wayyyyyyyyyy back on June 10th, but not much had changed, and her 9 month well child visit had to be moved until after vacation (it was last night), so I figured I'd just do a 9/10 month combo post. Mommy fail! ;)

Maci Louise, your smile lights up a room! You are your sisters twin (or at least that's what EVERYONE says! Mommy really doesn't see it! :)) But you are just as adorable as your brother and sister! ;) We love you more than words and your presence completes our family (although I'd be fine with another, Daddy says we're done. It's time to give you, Manuel and Mia the best life ever! I can't say that I don't agree with him, BUT you're growing up WAY too fast, so I can't imagine the teeny tiny baby stage not happening again :( But this next stage of baby-hood is SUPER cute, so I'm excited for that as well! :)

What are you up to these days...

*Developmental milestones: Holy moly, you are reaching milestones like crazy! Since my last update: the week of 5/19/14 you started saying "dada" ALL THE TIME (but not to the point of associating "Daddy" with that term! ;)). On 5/23/14  you pulled yourself up to your knees in your pack n' play. Then on 6/17/14 you started sitting yourself up, by yourself, from the lying down position. The week of 6/21/14 you started clapping. On 6/29/14 you started "real" crawling. You've been army crawling, like a champ, for awhile, but this day you started, up on all fours, crawling. Super cute! Mommy teared up! :) And lastly, you pull yourself up, all by yourself, to your feet ALL THE TIME! The second you fall down, you pick yourself right back up and do it again! It's so funny to watch you because you get the BIGGEST smile on your face and look SO proud! You even to stand, only holding on with one hand, and you're really good at that too! :)

*Your stats: 23 lbs 3 oz (96 percentile), 29.5 inches (94 percentile) and your head circumference is in the 96 percentile (just like Mia, who's head was always off the charts! :)) You are a chunky monkey! I even looked in Manuel and Mia's baby books after you appointment last night, and Manuel wasn't 23 lbs until his 12 month check-up and Mia wasn't 23 lbs until she was 14 months, so you are my big girl! :) But you're totally proportionate so it's all good! ;)

*You are still in size 4 diapers

*You wear mostly 12 month clothes, but Mommy still tries to squeeze you into your super cute 9 month summer stuff ;)

*You continue to be on your best behavior at Linnie's each day, and Linnie just adores you! She calls you her "wild child" (lovingly, of course!)

*You continue to crack up at your brother and sister. Our neighbor, Halle (age 9) is also one of your besties! :)

*You're a momma's girl (just like Mia), and I love it! 

*You're still in Mommy and Daddy's bed and we're 100% okay with it! Maybe I'll shoot for the one year mark, to have you in your crib! ;)

*You've finally up'd your intake to 6 oz every 5 hours or so (even through the night! That is correct, you still don't sleep through the night! Oh well! ;)

*You do a lot of babbling...lots of "dada", "nana" and FINALLY "mama" but not associating it with actual words.

I think that's it for now baby girl! :) You are AMAZING!

And for good measure a few pics from her 9th month :) ..

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