Tuesday, April 15, 2014

7 months with Maci Lou

I continue to post here, month after month, without much other stuff posted in between (besides Maci's monthly updates) and I'm not sure why! :) Although I love to have a written account of my childrens lives, I also am pretty good about keeping up with their baby books and milestones! :) Life is awesome, amazing and all those other adjectives, like crazy, chaotic, and overwhelming ;) I wouldn't trade it for the world. Again, I'm not sure why I continue writing in this little ol' space, but I guess I'll just roll with it...

My sweet girl turned 7 months old April 10th! I swear, I blinked and she's 7 months old. It seems almost unbelievable!

What are you up to these days...

You go to the doctors on Friday for your flu booster so I'll get an official weight for you :)

*Developmental milestones: you sit up, unassisted, GREAT! Just yesterday you started to lift up one knee and "scoot" but I think crawling is still a ways off, and I'm a-o-k with that! :)

*You are still in size 3 diapers, but once this pack is done, I think we'll move up to stage 4

*You wear a lot of 12 month clothing. I had a HUGE bag of Mia's SUPER adorable 6 month Spring/Summer clothes that I was anxiously awaiting Maci to wear, but after a fashion shoot, unfortunately most of it doesn't fit her! :( My sweet girl is just long and chunky! :)

*You continue to spend your days at Linnie's. After a very rough several weeks, you seemed to have become "easier" at Linnie's. You still throw fits when you're tired, but you don't spend all day screaming, so that's wonderful! (for Linnie's sanity! ;)) We attended your sister dance recital on Sunday and for the first hour you slept and after intermission you woke up and stayed completely well behaved for the entire 1.5 hour second half! YAY MACI!!!! :)

*You are interacting more and more with Manuel and Mia, and it's SO cute!

*You were doing "okay" in your crib, but many nights, we've ended up on the spare mattress on the floor in your room, snuggling. I'm okay with that. This won't last forever! :)

*Still no teeth!

*You continue to drink 5 oz every 4-ish hours. You love to eat your stage 2 fruits and veggies. You've also started eating puffs and other dissolvable "baby" foods :)

Sweet baby girl, you have really blossomed this last month, and have become less high maintenance and more laid back (I use that term loosely, but compared to what you were, it's a major improvement! :)) I can't believe how quickly you're growing and changing. Your smile lights up the room and that uni-dimple makes me melt. You're my last baby so I'm trying to enjoy every second, even the trying ones. I love you more than life itself sweet girl! :)

And for good measure...

My 3 babies (not sure if I've shared this before :)) 

7 month photo shoot :)

 Mia Grace ROCKED her recital!!! :)

 Such a good big brother (most of the time! ;)

Daddy and Maci (uni-dimple twins :))


Jackie said...

I love the bunny ear pics! And I think it's awesome that you aren't stressing over the crib thing. Thea was in our bed until she was 9 months old...and I don't regret one bit of it! ;) Now she doesn't even want to be rocked. I miss those snuggly times in our room!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

My son took forever to get teeth. What a cutie she is!