Monday, January 27, 2014

The circus

Happy Monday Friends!

My apologies if you think this post is going to be filled with pictures of my family at the circus! When I say circus, I mean what is lovingly my life, at times! ;) When my plate seems so full (and in reality, when I step back, I know I have it SO easy!), I often think to myself, "How in the world does Michelle Duggar do it!??!" SERIOUSLY people! I feel in over my head with 3...I can't imagine 6 times that chaos! :) God bless her!

On Saturday, Manny had to work at 5am (it isn't often he has to work weekends, pretty much never, but when the opportunity for overtime arises, at a time when we could really use it, he doesn't say no). But with Daddy out of the house at 5am, that means the kids and I would be venturing to Mia's Saturday morning (9:30am) dance class together. As you can imagine, that is the last place my almost 8 year old wants to be on a Saturday morning! ;) So we walk out the door and it is about negative 600 degrees outside (or thereabouts! ;)) and windy. My mind wasn't working when I transitioned Maci to her "big girl carseat" (meaning the non-infant carrier one) because I swear I did it, and then we've had the coldest winter on record, so just imagine juggling a diaper bag, a 4 month old who has the wind and coldness whipping her in the face and taking her breathe away, and unhappy 8 year old, and a 4 year old that will inevitably slip and fall on the teeniest, tiniest piece of ice if there is one! :) We make it to dance, on time (YIPPY!) and when we go to leave, guess what, it's SNOWING!!!! :( (I know there are snow lovers out there, but this girl is NOT one of them!) Maryland has seen more snow this winter (and it's only January 27th) then probably the last 5 winters combined, so I'm OVER.IT! So once again, lets rush to the car, wind/coldness/and now snow, whipping in our faces and I set Maci in her car seat and cue the's time for her bottle AND she's decided to have a blow out! (Thank you Maci for waiting until we got into the car! :)) So, our minivan is a perfect changing/feeding station so I position myself in the backseat and begin to clean up this mess. I overhear Mia say, "This is like a parade" (she's 4. I have no clue what that even meant! ;) to which Manuel replies, "No, it's more like a circus!" I just started cracking're right kid! A complete circus! :) (that I wouldn't trade for the world, of course!) We get home to the comforts of our home and just spend the day relaxing, waiting for Daddy to get off work. Saturday was spent at family game night at my cousins house and we all had a great time! :) I didn't get to bed until after midnight, and for a Mommy who still wakes AT LEAST once (usually more) in the middle of the night to feed her baby, midnight is not a time I usually stay awake until these days! :)

Game night selfie :)
7am came awfully early but it was time to get up for church! There isn't much that keeps our family from church, lack of sleep or not! So I soldier through, get up, get everyone ready, out the door, ON TIME (with hubbys "help" of course! ;)) My husband is an usher/greeter at church (and Manuel helps him) so the girls and I go take a seat (Mia stays with me during the music portion of service, and then I take her to Sunday school during Offering. Maci has yet to stay in the church nursery, but the more vocal she gets, the sooner it's going to happen :)) as we are about to sit down, you guessed it, Maci pooped (see a theme here? ;) So instead of dragging the entire diaper bag to the bathroom, I grab a diaper, the pack of wipes, Maci and Mia and head to the bathroom to change the poopy baby. As I lay Maci down on the changing table, you guessed it...BLOW OUT! (Do you think I'd learn my lesson EVER!??!!) so back into the sanctuary I go, poopy Maci in tow, to get the diaper bag so I could change her clothes! :) Back out, and then back in again to finally enjoy the I sat down, I just laughed..we are a circus act! ;) Our contemporary service is filled with lots of young families, so I'm sure if anyone even noticed, they sympathized and probably laughed a little too when Maci comes back in Mia's socks that are HUGE and pants that are too short (Mommy really has to work on keeping the spare diaper bag outfits up to date! ;))

Then this morning came, Maci was a cranky mess, hubby has already left for work when the kiddos get up, so I fly solo in the mornings, and the kids had a case of the Mondays, and I think, you know what this morning needs, a baby wearing a bunny hoodie...
And with that, I smile, the kids laugh, I (of course) post it to Facebook and my day is made! I've looked at this picture no less than 15 times today and smile each time! With the speed at which time flies (my heart aches that Manuel will be EIGHT on Friday!!!) I say, "Thank you God for my "circus" because there are SO many people out there that would trade their lives, in a heartbeat, for the life I live! THANK YOU GOD!" :)

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Jackie said...

LOVE this post! I can totally relate to the circus act! :) The pic of Maci is the cutest EVER.