Tuesday, July 23, 2013

32 weeks

Life is moving along, things are falling into place at our new house, and yesterday I was 32 weeks prego! :) Time is flying, yet creeping, if that makes any sense! ;)

How far along? 32 weeks (yesterday :))

Weight gain/loss: I will find out the official weight gain, according to my doctor tomorow, but I believe I'm up a total of 16 lbs total, up 2 lbs from my last appt.
Symptoms: leg cramps while I sleep, peeing all the time during the night, and tiredness.
Gender: Surprise baby!!! However, I will say again that I'm 99.9% sure this is a girl...call it instinct, call it relying heavily on the Chinese gender chart predictor ;), call it what you will, but I will be SHOCKED if the doctor pulls out a boy! :)

Maternity clothes? yes! And lots of my cute summer (non maternity) dresses that can still be worn and look adorable! :)

Sleep: up several times a night to pee
Food cravings/aversions: nothing new...I was craving a Chik-fil-A millkshake and hubby brought me home one last night..YUMMO! :)
Movement? a ton

What I miss? not being tired, but I'm the kind of person that LOVES being prego, so I'm going to enjoy these last 7 weeks, no matter what! :)
Best moment(s) this week: Manny getting some "snuggle" time in with my belly. With raising two kids, working full time, moving, trying to get things settled at the new house he hasn't been able to really lay and connect with Baby Bump but he did the other night and it was just a special moment! :)
What I'm looking forward to: our family reunion weekend, this weekend. It's going to be HOT, so awesome to see all of my family. I can't wait! :)
Next appointment: tomorrow, 7/24/13

And for good measure, my 32 week bump, this morning
And as I said on Instagram and Facebook, yes, I own more shirts than this pink one (I feel like I've worn in it several bump pics!) it just happens to be I'm wearing it when I do my documenting! ;)

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