Monday, May 13, 2013

22 weeks and Mothers Day

My Mothers Day was absolutely fantastic and I hope with all my hearts yours was too! :) Mothers Day is a tricky holiday for me because although I am relishing in the utter joy that comes with being a Mommy and I have NO idea what infertility/loss feels like (thank God!) I do know the absolute heartache my sister experienced for years while she yearned for a child, and even the loss she feels now, while enjoying being a Mommy to two rainbow babies, still missing the triplets! I also have 3 friends on Facebook who struggle with infertility (I'm sure many more, but 3 that I know of) and my heart just breaks for them!!!!!! :( I try not to make every holiday sad thinking about the "other side" but I certainly never take any of it for granted and do think about others who are hurting while we are celebrating.

Saturday night the kids and Manny took me out for a Mothers Day dinner. I knew that with having a big brunch on Sunday, I certainly wouldn't want a big dinner too, so we opted for a Saturday night celebration! :) We went to a local steakhouse that I LOVE! Afterward, we went to a local frozen yogurt place that I had never been too and it was DELICIOUS! I think my favorite part of the entire evening was just cracking up, at random moments with Manny and the kids, over just silly nonsense! :) You can't beat those belly laughs! :) AND, it started to POUR down rain while we were pulling up to the yogurt place and when Manny asked us if we wanted him to drop us off out front I said, "No! It's only rain! Let's have some fun!" and we sure did! We cracked up (and got drenched! ;)) as we ran from the car to the shop. As we left, the rain was even harder and once again, we had a blast running it. Sometimes friends, you just don't need an umbrella! :)

Now, here's my prego update for the week and a bunch of pics from yesterday (more to come, once my cousin posts hers :)
How far along? 22 weeks

Symptoms: still more tired than ususal, or so it seems, and I'm pretty hormonal...I know all of this is normal but my first two pregnancies were amazing, start to finish, so feeling even a little "off" just seems hard to me.

Weight gain/loss: Get ready to pick up chins up off the floor, but I'm guessing that I'm up a total of 9 lbs now. Yes, I went from about 0 lbs gained to 8 lbs overnight ;) but I'm still right in the "normal" range for someone who started off a pregnancy overweight (according to BMI standards). I'll have my "official" doctor weight on Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure it's about 9lbs total.

Gender: Surprise baby!!! :) We found out with both Manuel and Mia, and since this will be our last child (I can't imagine a 4th c-section) we figured this one should be a surprise!

Maternity clothes? for the most part, just for comfort sake. I could squeeze into my pre-prego maternity pants, but why? ;)

Sleep: It could be better! :) I think I just need to stop drinking so much water before bed! That would definitely help!

Food cravings/aversions: nothing new or unusual

Movement? a lot!

What I miss? I really want a hot dog! :)

Best moment(s) this week: feeling the baby move, getting to spend Mothers Day with my amazing family

What I'm looking forward to: my appt on Wednesday

Next appointment: May 15th

My 3 babies and I ;)
 My sweet little cheeser and her donut :)
 He was trying to escape a picture with Mommy! ;)
 Mia and I (and my bump :))
 Manuel enjoying his donut :)
Sweet cousins
 Everyone LOVES Poppy!
 Mia and Vivienne (as I looked at this pic I thought, "Hmmm, will another little girl be sitting on this step come next Mothers Day? We'll find out in 18 weeks!" :))
 5 of the 8 great grandchildren (Angelina (in the white) is my cousin Tanya's beautiful daughter :)) They came down from New York to celebrate Mothers Day with all of us.
 My cousin Megan and I (18 weeks prego vs. 22 weeks prego :) We are SO excited to be having babies close together so they can grow up together! :)
The sweet boy who made me a Mommy is growing up! :(
And what Mothers Day post would it be if I didn't share the pic of Manuel's card he made at school? :) It says, "My mom is 31 years old. My mom is prettest when she is at church. My mom likes to make pizza. My mom always says no. (UGH! Didn't like reading that! ;)) My mom is funny when she makes jokes." Love this kiddo! :)
 Angelina & Tanya (mother/daughter :)
 Some of my amazing family! :)
 Mother/daughter :)
My sister and her awesome kiddos :)


vindiebaby said...

Lovely pictures seems like all of you were having a great time :)
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Jackie said...

Happy Mother's Day Christina!! You look great...LOVE the little bump! :)