Thursday, May 9, 2013

21 weeks (and 3 days ;)

I was 21 weeks on Monday, but with it being my nephews 5th birthday, I just didn't feel right posting about myself and my pregnancy and then time just got away from me! :)

How far along? 21 weeks 3 days
Symptoms: I feel like my face still looks awful! :( and I have been eating everything in sight (not really, but it sure feels that way! ;))
Weight gain/loss: I'll find out officially at my appt next week, but honestly, even though it's only been 10 days since my last update, I swear I'm up AT LEAST another 3 lbs, for a total of 7 (or so) lbs. That is actually really good and "normal" but because it's all happened so quickly and I just feel huge and "blah". I know this is all a blessing, trust me, I know, but I'm just being honest! :)
Gender: Surprise baby!!! :) We found out with both Manuel and Mia, and since this will be our last child (I can't imagine a 4th c-section) we figured this one should be a surprise!

Maternity clothes? mostly. I can still squeeze in some of my pre-prego clothes but for comfort and what makes sense, mostly maternity! :) Not to mention my belly popped SO high that I feel like there is no other option :)
Sleep: It could be better! :) I think I just need to stop drinking so much water before bed! That would definitely help!

Food cravings/aversions: still disgusted by the thought of frozen pizza and oddly enough, tacos. Oh yeah, and ground turkey...I was 100% a ground turkey over ground beef girl before pregnancy, now, not so much!
Movement? a ton and I LOVE it! I felt it on the outside of my stomach last Sunday at church, so I know the day when Manny, Manuel and Mia will be able to feel it will be soon. I just have to time it right because obviously I can feel it from the inside and out! :)
What I miss: a full nights sleep, but again, if I stopped drinking so much water before bed, I think that would help! :)

Best moment(s) this week: feeling the baby move more and more! :)
What I'm looking forward to: Mothers Day brunch with my family on Sunday and my next prenatal appointment on Wednesday. Fingers crossed Kelli can get some 3D pics of Baby Gomez :)
Next appointment: May 15th

And because who wants to see a post and no pics? (not me! ;) Here a few from the last week or so :)

 Manny and I on our "fishing date" :) (his mom took the kids to the zoo so hubby and I went fishing :) We both LOVE to fish! :)
 Sending balloons to Heaven on their cousins 5th birthday
Manuel does SO awesome in school, and I could be more proud...ESPECIALLY with test scores like this! He gets his brains from his Mommy! ;)

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