Monday, April 22, 2013

Crazy? Perhaps ;)

Social media/blogging/etc. are funny feel like you know so much about a persons life through it, when in actuality, you COULD know little to nothing, depending upon how much real life they post. A lot of times I get in my own head and think that people (friends on Facebook, blog readers, etc.) must look at my posts, statuses, pics, etc. and think, "Wow, Mia must really be her favorite!" and that really bothers me (I understand it could be completely untrue, but that's just how I feel sometimes! :)) Even if it is totally crazy! The truth of the matter is that in our house, Manuel is VERY much a Daddy's boy and Mia is VERY much a Mommy's girl! We do things together ALL THE TIME as a family of 4 (well technically 5 if you could Baby M in my belly! ;)) but there is also many times where the boys do their "boy stuff" (Boyscouts, baseball games, etc.) and Mia and I do our "girl stuff" (Girls Night Out (where my friends from high school and I get together with our kids and go to dinner, etc.), playdates to the park, etc. The majority of my friends have girls around Mia's age or much younger boys) And needless to say, I ALWAYS have my camera with me, taking pictures of Mia and our days out, and meanwhile, my husband, who could care less about pics and just wants to be in the moment, takes Manuel everywhere and seldom EVER gets pics! So, when they were about to leave for their 1st Orioles game of the season on Saturday night I told my husband, "PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take pictures! Even if it's just with your phone!" :) So just to be clear, I love both of my children exactly the same amount, but my husband isn't a stickler for pictures like I am! ;)

So, here are some pics from their first baseball game of the season...
 Manuel and his best buddy from our neighborhood

 Batter up! Manuel doing the batting cages
 Dads and their sons :)
My two favorite guys! :) 


Jackie said...

Don't worry, you can tell always how much love you have for both of your kiddos! :) I worry about that too though, especially since Isla is in a "no pictures!" phase.

It looks like Manuel and his Dad had a great time! :)

Kelly said...

Haha, I wonder if people think that about me sometimes. :) I just choose the easiest kid to take pictures of. LOL! Looks like they had fun!