Monday, November 5, 2012

Day #4 & #5 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I knew it was impossible for me to post each day, on time, for 30 days! :) But already I think I'm doing better than I did last year! :) And, in my defense, after an awesome time at our church Fall Fest (it was postponed from last Sunday because of Hurricane Sandy), we came home, only for Manuel to be struck by the stomach bug! :( Not sure what it is, but when Mia had it last weekend she handled it so "well" and for being only almost 3, she did such a great job. However, my sweet almost 7 year old didn't do so well, and sure made a heck of a clean-up job for Manny and I! :( I know they can't help it, so of course I wasn't mad, it's just funny how much different kiddos are, regardless of age! ;)

Now, onto my reason for this post....

Day #4 of my 30 Days of I am thankful for our church, Oak Grove. Church is not about a building but rather a group of people who gather to celebrate/serve/worship. Come to Oak Grove today and check it out! :) If you come to the 9:30 service it's "Team Jersey Day" so wear your RAVENS gear! :)

Day #5 of my 30 Days of I am thankful for my job, the fact that I've had it 6 years (which is a blessing in itself in this day and age, ESPECIALLY in the mortgage business), and the ability to work from home and take care of my babies when they are sick! Thankfully, knock on wood, Manuel's stomach virus was short lived and he seems to be doing better today! :)

I'll post some pictures tomorrow from the Fall Fest! :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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