Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Reunion Part 3

Before I share the last post of photos from our Tumminello Family Reunion, I just need to share a bit of what's on my heart...there have been several times recently where I've really thought I should throw in the blogging "towel" (so to speak! ;)) I feel as though blogging has become a bit like high school in that everyone wants to be most popular, everyone wants the most followers, the most comments, the biggest sponsors, etc. and that's just NEVER been what this is about for me. Do I LOVE comments? Absolutely! Are my feelings hurt when I post and no one says ANYTHING? If I'm being honest, yes. Do I think it's super rude when you take the time to comment on other "bigger" blogs, often, and you get no sort of recognition on response? Sure thing! ESPECIALLY when you take the time to say something meaningful and from the heart. A simple "thank you" would suffice! So perhaps I'm just too sensitive and concerned for this whole blogging thing? But then I stop and realize that this blog is a scrapbook of sorts for my family, and usually I keep it light, but I've also exposed my heart and soul on these pages (here and here if you're new :)) So why stop now? AND not to mention I have made close connections with a few bloggers who I would totally be friends with, in real life, if we lived closer! :)) And then something happens, like it did today, and actually even yesterday too, where two separate bloggers who I absolutely adore, shared something with me that meant a lot, A LOT to them! Then it hits me, THAT is what it is all about and I TRULY mean that! I have 70some (I think) followers, and I'd venture to say only 2 or 3 of them take the time to read my posts, comment sometimes, and I am really okay with that. So for now, this blog is what is, and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon! :)

Shewww, I apparently I needed to talk that out! ;) Thank you for listening! :)

Now, on the fun stuff. More great pics from our family reunion, courtesy of cousin, Tanya! :)

 My beauty queen! ;)
 4 generations :)
 The ENTIRE group...not just "us" but my moms cousins, their spouses, etc. 
 My mom, sis and I
 My nephew, Spencer
 Mia with two of her favs..Uncle Vince and Poppy
 Mia pushing my sister around in my grandmothers wheelchair :) 
My sweet, toothless baby boy! ;)

More pics to come! :) 

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Jackie said...

I can definitely relate to how you feel about the blogging world. My favorite thing about your blog is that you always stay true to yourself. I never feel like I'm reading something fake or that was meant to draw a million followers. I love that :)

Great family pics! I like the toothless grin!