Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

I hope everyone had a great, fun, safe 4th! For the first time, in my entire life (I believe) my 4th of July was spent with JUST my immediate family...normally there is some sort of big shin dig with my entire family (for the last several years at my sisters), but this year, with it being smack dab in the middle of the work week, with our family reunion in two weeks, Vivienne's (my niece) Christening at the end of the month, and the list goes on and on, my sister just thought it would be too crazy to host a cookout too! (Completely understandable!) So, Manny, Manuel, Mia and I had a great day, just the four of us! We slept in, a bit (my children are NOT sleepers! ;), ate a nice breakfast, and headed out to our community pool for several hours. Manuel passed the swim test so he can officially swim in the deep end! What a big boy! :) After that we came home, grilled out, and then headed to my moms to watch the fireworks. (well, we parked at her house, because it's RIGHT next to our house, it was still just the 4 of us that went and watched them. The kids were getting sleepy, hungry, thirsty, well, you get the drift ;) but we still enjoyed the fireworks! :) And as usual, here is my photo dump! :)

 Little Miss America! ;) 

 Nothing says "All American" like bathing suits, ice cream cones, and overly exaggerated smiles! ;)

 They love their Daddy! :) 
 Preparing our AMAZING beef/shrimp/veggie kabobs for the grill! 

 Manuel took this pic of Mia and I :)

 He seriously has THE most sensitive eyes, and obviously the flash got to him! ;)

 Beginning to fade fast! ;)


Jackie said...

It looks like your family of four had a fun day together! We tried to talk Isla into the fireworks, but she was still traumatized from last year. She was actually too scared to even hold a sparkler! Miss Mia doesn't look phased at all! :)

Lindsay said...

AWW there she is in that suit! LOVE IT! Looks like a great 4th! XOXO

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Looks like yall had so much fun!! Love the pictures and i LOVE her curls;)