Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Pics #2

Happy Sunday Friends! :) 

I hope you all had (since it's almost over) a great weekend! We had a great weekend...a birthday party on Saturday, LOTS of spring cleaning (not so fun! ;)) and then church, Bible Study (awesome) and outside play! :) Lots to update you all on, but for now, I think a week later is a great time ;) to share some of my fav pics (ones I took) from Easter! :) 

 Mia eating pasta..not sure that ANY of it got in her mouth ;)
A little gross, but mostly funny :) 
 His biggest, most fake cheese ;) Getting ready to dye Easter eggs before bed

 Off to church on Easter morning
 The best pic I could get of the two of them outside of church
 The Easter Bunny even came to Mom-mom's house (Manny's moms)

 Patiently waiting for their annual Easter Egg Hunt at Mom-moms

 The priceless expression of finding her first egg
 It was easier to run in bare feet :) 
 The kids great-grandmother, Buscia....this pic cracks me up because she is such a fashionsita, but clearly house slippers were more comfortable than heels for an egg hunt! :) 

 Patiently waiting to trade in their eggs for the "gifts" that were in the eggs

 Buscia (Manny's dads mom) and her great granchildren
 Granny (Manny's moms mom) and her great grandchildren
 My BEAUTIFUL children

Post-Easter Dinner cake that I made for my moms birthday! :)

Prayers for your week to start off well friends! :) 

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Lindsay said...

What a lovely Easter you had. Such cute munchkins :)