Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Hello Friends! :)

I hope this day finds you all feeling loved...whether it be by a spouse, children, parents, siblings or friends, we should all feel loved! :) I said specific prayers for those of you this morning who will be spending Valentines Day "differently" then you have in previous years...without a spouse, without a child, without a loved one...you are always in my heart and prayers! :)

Hubby and I don't have any big romantic plans for today, and that is 100% a-o-k by me! :) I'm not all about the commercialism behind Valentines Day...I love heartfelt gifts, cards, and just spending time together, with the kiddos! :) Manny had to be at work early this morning, so I stayed up last night getting his "gift" ready (and the kids "gifts"). This morning they woke up to this...

 Balloons, cards and chocolates (under their cards). Each balloon says something I love about one of them (I only had a silver Sharpie so it's hard to see in pictures, but I promise each balloon is written on! :)). I tried to even it out and do 4 balloons for each person (Manny, Mia and Manuel) but unfortunately I popped one of the balloons! :( BUT that's okay because some of the "things I love" can apply to more than one of them! ;)
And I made Manuel some heart shaped pancakes (lets be honest...they are frozen pancakes that I cut into the shape of hearts...it was 6am on a workday so I had to make do with the time I had! ;) (Mia eats breakfast at Linnie's so that's why this is just for Manuel, before I took him to school :))

Manuel and Mia both have Valentines Day parties today (at school and Linnie's) so they took special treats for their friends! :) I will be leaving work around 3 to take both kids to their 6 & 2 year well child check-ups (clearly wasn't thinking when I made the appts 6 months ago that today was Valentines Day! ;)) and then we'll head home for some snuggling, dinner and relaxing with Daddy! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy Valentines Day friends! 


christina said...

you're so stinkin cute. :) those kids and that man are very lucky to have you. happy valentine's day to you!

Jackie said...

I love the balloon idea! :) Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!

Courtney B said...

Hey! Heart pancakes are heart pancakes! It's better than the bowl of cereal Eric got this morning :)
Happy Valentines!