Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day #2

Happy Wednesday Friends! :)

On the days that I don't have anything exceptionally exciting to share (like today) I will still share my Facebook status with the off chance that it might inspire someone to take a look at their blessings, even the teeny tiny ones :) or at least make you smile! :)

Day #2 of my annual 30 days of thanks :) I am thankful for my husband! God only knows (literally :)) everything we've been through in the last 5 1/2 years of marriage, but it's made us stronger, better people with the real knowledge of what a marriage is and the hardwork it takes! He is an AMAZING father and fantastic husband! I am so thankful to have met him, fell in love with him, had children with him, and God willing, spending the next 50+ years with my best friend and soul mate! :)

*On a side note...I did not post this part on Facebook (afterall it's a status update not a short story! ;)) but I do have to say...not to judge, but it sort of sickens me how celebrities, and heck, even people I know, take marriage SO lightly! "Irreconcilable differences", really? Do you have any idea what REAL problems are!??!?!?! Don't get me wrong, I know that my marriage has not seen the darkest of darks like some other marriages, but Manny and I have been through SO much in the short (relatively speaking) time we've been together, and it takes work, it takes commitment, but isn't that what marriage is all about!??!?!?! Okay, off my soap box for today! :)
Have a great day! :)


Courtney B said...

I totally agree with you... celebrity's! It's crazy what people with money care about...or don't care about!
LOVED your status! I look up to you and Manny so much!
I'll share my facebook status with you :) (I didn't start my thankful list yesterday, today is my first one)
What better way to start off my thankful list than to talk about my sweet Grandad. I'm so thankful I got to have him in my life as long as I did. He was such a special man that had the biggest heart. I hope to be like him and tuck 77 years of being happily married under my belt, and to be as wise as his 97 years have allowed :) We will love and miss you everyday, Grandad!

Kayla said...

I agree that marriage does not seem like a sacred bond anymore. its more like a publicity stunt.