Tuesday, October 11, 2011

miscellany monday (but it's tuesday :(

Hello friends!

I was SO excited to have 10 minutes to myself to write a post, and I was ready to do a "miscellany monday" post AND then realized it was TUESDAY! :)

So, here goes a miscellany monday post, on a Tuesday! :)

~I took the day off yesterday because the Federal Reserve and banks were closed, so although my company was open, I couldn't fund loans. Can I tell you how guilty I felt for taking a day off!??!?! It was actually pretty redic! I normally work from home, or take off because of sick children (and still work from home), but just to take off FOR NO REASON, was pretty crazy to me! I ended up enjoying my day! :)

~Manny was off too (his work clothes for pretty much all major and bank holidays. He was kind enough to keep Mia for a few hours while I had some "me time".

~Speaking of "me time" the initial part of the day was spent getting my eyes checked due to some pretty massive headaches these last few weeks. My eyes aren't bad BUT I am the proud owner of a glasses! :) (I've never worn glasses before in my life, so it's taking some getting used to), but I kind of like them! ;) I'll have to post a pic soon of my new accessory! ;)
~After getting my glasses, I decided to check out some local consignments shops. I'm not sure about you all, but I don't know where I ever shopped before consignment! (Well actually I do..Target, Walmart, etc. but you get my point! ;)) I LOVE CONSIGNMENT shops, for me and for the kids! You can't beat it! New York and Company jeans, that look BRAND NEW, for $14.00. Absolutely! A Gap sweater for $8.00 only to then find out at checkout it was $4.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Charlotte Russe cardigan for $9.00. And don't even get me started on the deals for the kiddos! When children outgrow something in weeks/months, I just don't see ANY sense in buying it full price! This is brand name, in good condition clothing for SO cheap! Once you go consignment, you'll never go back to retail! ;)

~I'm FINALLY at my pre-Manuel weight (after almost 6 years! :)) Better late, than never! I was back down to my pre-Mia weight weeks after I had her, but my pre-Manuel weight took a while longer! ;)

~I haven't talked about the whole running thing for awhile because I haven't been running. After a few weeks my knee was destroyed and I tried to run through the pain, but figured that wasn't wise. Now I just work out several days a week (usually OnDemand Exercise TV that's offered through our cable company) A good work AND free-you can't beat it! :)

~I NEVER talked about the movie Courageous when Manny and I went and saw it a few weeks ago!!!!!!!!! :( One word...AWESOME! It's totally worth the outrageous movie theater prices. GO SEE IT! It's life changing! Especially for a man you might know who is a dad! Thank me later! :)

~This weekend is a friends daughters 1st birthday party at the Baltimore Zoo. I can't wait! The kids are going to have a blast! Hopefully I take pictures! :)

~This weekend is also a playdate with my friends and their kiddos to the local pumpkin patch! This is my FAVORITE time of the year! I can't wait! :)

~I keep trying to convince myself that i need to get involved in a small group at church, now that we aren't teaching Sunday school. I'm SO scared (I know that sounds dumb) but I am SO shy and just scared to venture into a small group. I need to get over it! I know that AMAZING bonds and friendships are formed in these classes. Hopefully God leads me where I need to be!

~I hate blogging "clicks" :( I try not to let it get to me but let's be honest, we're all human. If I take the time to write something heartfelt and meaningful to you, at least take the time to say, "Thank you!" Grant it, you might have 6,000 followers (or somewhere around there! ;) but at least take the 3.5 seconds it takes to click "reply" and say, "Thank you!" Heck, I'll even take a reply that says, "TY" or "Thank u" ;) Just be polite, geez louise! :)

~On a happier note...I've met SO many amazing ladies through blogging. It really is neat how much of a connection you have with people you have never met and may never meet. I love the blogging bond! :)
~Manuel has decided (after 2 classes) that he wants to stick with Tae Kwon Do! YAY!!!!! :)

Okay, I've rambled enough! I hope you all are doing well!

And for good measure...
Yes, she's standing on the counter! Just call me "Mother of the Year!" ;)

 Manny and I had an event at church on Sunday night, and when we came home, this is what we saw! My mom told us that Manuel said, "I never get to snuggle with my sister. Can we snuggle?" That kid is too much! :)
 The new glasses! (and yes, she's shirtless! :)
 Playdate at Chick-Fil-A with my sister, her kiddos, my longtime friend, S and her daughter, A. (Manuel was with Manny at the local farm for some Fall festival thingy, that's why he isn't in any of the pics! :)) We couldn't get a pic of the kids by themselves, so my sister offered to have them (well 3 of them, sit on her lap. This was the best shot :)
 My sweet niece, Vivi! :)

Mia Grace and her cousin :) Sweet girls! :)


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I'm glad you got some "me" time! I'm guessing you were long overdue. And you should definitely get involved in your church group--I'm sure you won't regret it!

With the non answering blog people, it may also have to do with your email. When I had Blogger and used to hit reply on one of your comments, your email wouldn't just automatically come up. It would say no-reply blogger. Maybe you've already changed that, but if not, I can show you how to fix it.

Jackie said...

I hadn't seen you on here for awhile, so I'm glad to get caught back up on your life! :)

Your glasses look great and congrats on getting back to your pre-Manuel weight! That's awesome!
Also, the picture of the kids sleeping is too sweet.

Melissa Blake said...

ME time is essential!!! :)

Great list, by the way.