Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lots Of Words Wednesday ;)

Hello my dear friends! :)

I hope this blog post finds you all doing wonderfully! I was hoping to start off the beginning of the month (workwise) "slow" (just to have some time to recoup from last week), but that's the not case. Oh well, I'm NOT complaining because busy-ness means job security, and I'll take it! :)

Life is going wonderfully! I think I'm on the mend with the cold/sickness that kicked my butt last week/weekend. I'm still not 100% but I'm getting better! :) I'm really at a great place with things, and all I can say is God provides. When you give (even if you think you can't) God returns His gifts in abundance. I'm not really speaking about anything in particular (no, I'm not pregnant! :)) just life in general is going well, and I know I have God to thank for that!

Manny took Manuel last night to try out Tae Kwon Do, and after some coercing on Daddy's part, Manuel agreed to do the 3 class trial period, and see if he likes it. Manuel is SO shy/reserved/scared of trying new things (hmmm, sounds A LOT like his mother!) this him even agreeing to try it is HUGE! I pray, with all my heart, that he likes it and sticks with it. I would love for him to find his niche and find something he excels in. As I've mentioned many times before I'm fine with Manuel not being an athlete (Manny and I are so NOT athletic! :)) but I think Tae Kwon Do will help him learn discipline, confidence, self respect, patience, etc. I know it would do wonders for his little heart, soul and spirit. I'll keep you posted! :)

On Sunday my cousin and her daughter stopped by for a visit (they were in town for the weekend, from NY) and she took some fun pics of the Gomez family just hanging out, and having fun.

And for good measure...(ignore hubbys clothing attire ;) He was already in his "comfies" for the night :)) Also, I know there are WAY more pictures of Mia, and I swear it's not because we love her more ;)...Manuel goes out of his way (literally) to avoid the camera! :))
 Mia Grace and Angelina (my cousins daughter)
 Manuel and I (there was MAJOR bribery for this pic ;)
 Mia and I (and my AWESOME broken out face! ;))

 Tickle game/trying to get a good pic! ;)
 Coming soon to "Toddlers and Tiaras"...Mia Grace and her Pageant Face! :)
 Just hangin' around ;)
 Manuel showing off his Silly Bands
 A calm moment :)
My black and white beauty :) 

Take care friends! Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)


dottie said...

Your kids are so stinking cute!!!

My 7 year old loves the silly bands too. They kids love them so much they are banned from school. Ha, ha!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love those photos and I'm so glad you're feeling a little better. Interestingly enough, Evie has been mentioning she would like to take karate for the past year. I'm holding off for now. It makes me a little nervous where she would probably be the only girl. Maybe down the road.

Holly said...

Love the black and white pic! :o) So glad you are feeling better...we are still battling a bug here. Yuck!

Kayla said...

Love those sweet babies!

Lori said...

oh my goodness, you and your kids are the CUTEST! love it :)