Monday, August 22, 2011

Our weekend...

Hello friends!

I hope this blog post finds you all doing well! I'm not sure where my inspiration has gone, but hopefully it'll come back soon! :)

There is basically ONE thing on my mind these days, and I'd imagine it'll be that way until Wednesday of next week and that baby starting Kindergarten. Have I completely lost it? Am I the only person who is BEYOND emotional about this milestone? I understand moms get upset about it, but seriously, if I even think about it, I tear up. I don't think it's the whole starting Kindergarten thing that's REALLY getting me (although I am emotional about that point), it's the whole him riding a school bus thing! AHHHHHHHH, it gets me every time! (tearing up at my desk as I type!) I know it's something most children have to experience, but still, coming to terms with this is not easy! We will drop him off at daycare in the morning (the place where he attended preschool and now is attending summer camp). The school bus will pick him (and all of his other friends who attend his elementary) up at 8:10am, and take him to school. The bus will then pick him up in the afternoon (we have all day Kindergarten in Maryland) and take him back to daycare where he will stay until Manny or I (typically Manny because he gets there earlier). It all seems like SUCH a huge transition for someone who still seems so young and naive, to me. Monday, August 29th we have a one-on-one conference with his teacher where he'll meet her, see his classroom, assumedly find his desk, etc. then we'll leave for the day. Then Tuesday is the "big day" where we will take him to daycare, and wait with him (since it's the first time) for the big yellow school bus to come pick up and take him to first day of "real" school!!!!
I know, it's life, all kids go through it, etc. etc. etc. but that means nothing to this overly sensitive Momma's heart! Please be in prayer for me (as silly as that sounds) but I could sure use it! :)

On a happier note...Manny and Manuel went to their first football game together on Friday night. It was the second preseason game for our beloved Baltimore Ravens. We weren't sure how Manuel would be at the game (you know, sitting still and what not :)) but he did GREAT! They both had a blast! Manny is SUCH a great daddy and Manuel (and Mia) are SO lucky to have him! Manny also bought a new car on Friday, so that's exciting! (We had to get a new car because his Jeep was on it's last leg! :)) Saturday I woke up and made the fam a very special breakfast (heart shaped pancakes and all! ;)) Then we spontaneously decided to head to Lancaster, Pa to visit Amish Country (and test out the new car)! We had a lot of fun. Random road trips are always a good time. The kids behaved wonderfully okay in the car! ;) I wanted to take picture, I really did, but sometimes you just have to "be". I get so focused on taking pics for my blog or Facebook or whatever, and then I find myself not even enjoying the moment! So, no pics from Saturday. Then Sunday was the, teaching Sunday school and then more family time. We are trying to enjoy these last days of summer before it gets too cold to be outside. I do know one thing...I LOVE FALL AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!!! :)

And for good measure...

 An awful cell phone pic of my precious children after they fell asleep together on the sofa! :))
Just call me Betty Crocker! ;)


Courtney B said...

What a perfect weekend!! New cars are always exciting :)
I would love love love to see Amish country someday! Haha I hope that's now weird, but its definitely on my list of places to see!

Jackie said...

First of all, thank you for the sweet comment on our blog. We will take any prayers we can get! :)

I already worry about sending Isla to you're definitely not crazy! I think that big milestones are just a reminder at how fast our kids are growing up, and it's so hard!!

Congrats on the new car!