Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you all SO much for taking the time to comment on my post yesterday. It means, more than words can convey, that people would take the time out of their busy lives and schedules to read my really long post and share your thoughts/ideas/words of encouragement and advice.

Manny (my husband) picked Manuel up from camp last night and took a few minutes to speak with Ms. Kristen about what had been going. As many of you mentioned, she was not aware of any of it. They have been working on the older kids and their use of the word "sucks" (sorry! I hate even typing that word!) But as far as Manuel being picked on and teased, no, she was not aware. She told Manny that Manuel has a lot of friends and always seems to be having fun (which made me smile! Manuel is a very easy child to like, and does seem to get along with most children). I don't want Manuel being a "tattle tale" (because typically that can just exacerbate the situation) but Ms. Kristen told Manuel, in front of Manny, to make sure he came to her if he was having problems with the other boys. We pray about it everyday and I just hope that these children realize how cruel they are being, and would find it in their hearts to be nice. (I know that sounds very cheesy and like a scene from The Waltons ;) BUT I just don't understand why children nowadays are SO mean!) I hope today was better for Manuel. And just to clarify, Manuel LOVES going to summer camp and has no desire to stop, so that's where my mental tug of war was happening because clearly I want him to enjoy his summer and continue doing something if he likes it, BUT I was sad thinking about the other boys being mean to him. If I thought for a second he was in harms way or really unhappy (regardless of what he was telling us). I would have taken him out in a heartbeat! :) I will keep everyone posted. Thank you again! :)

And in regards to my "friend", to be honest with you all, I really have no desire to pursue our friendship. I think the wedding gift incident was just the straw that broke the camels back (so to speak). Her and her husband live a lifestyle that is not something I like to associate myself (or my husband or children) with (although I didn't know that was a lifestyle SHE lived up until VERY recently) so I think I'm okay with letting go of our friendship, being civil if we see one another out (because we share the same group of friends), and just being done. I would imagine that she'll e-mail/text/contact me in the future and at that time I will let her know how awful and out of place I thought her text was, and that friends (especially as close as I considered us) just don't do that! I'm glad you all agreed! :) After I pressed "Publish Post" I was scared that you all might think I was crazy! :)

And for good measure...
 My sweet little camper this morning (that's a shirt the campers have to wear on field trips, just to clarify! :))
 All decked out and ready to go to laser tag! :)
My little firecracker! :) (looking extra chubby faced! :))

We are off to visit Elmo, Big Bird and the entire Sesame Street gang tomorrow. Pics to come.

Have an awesome weekend!!!! :) 

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Lindsay said...

This too shall pass :) Hang in there momma! LOVE the pics of your kiddies!