Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NOT Wordless Wednesday ;)

I have a lot on my mind lately that I need to vent and share (and get your input on regarding my dear sweet little boy who started summer camp on Monday (and the "issues" that have come along with that), as well as "Should I be mad that my "good" friend....?" and get your input on that) but I will post about that tomorrow! :)

Mia is not a huge fan of sunglasses (I wish she was so she would realize that they'd be SO helpful in blocking the 5pm sun shining brightly in her eyes on the way home from daycare! :)) but I guess she likes to learn the hard way! :) Here are a few pics of her in her (and my) sunglasses :) And yes, they are upside down. That's how she likes them! ;)

*Please forgive the poor cell quality! :) My hubby is trying to convince me I need a fancy iPhone (Droid, or whatever their called! :)) but I'm a-o-k with my 1967 older cell! ;)

And for good measure...
I am obsessed with putting funny hat (or heck, anything for that matter) on my childrens heads and taking pics! :) 


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love those sweet photos! They reminded me of my little guy. He loves sun glasses, but always wears them up-side-down.

Dottie said...

I LOVE the sunglasses on your daughter!!! My son hates them too. He just takes them of instantly.

Get the iPhone, it's pretty cool!

Your kids are adorable!!!